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parkrunners (AOWALC) Anonymous Keep on Running into Spring

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OhOneOhTwoOhThree Fri 27-Feb-15 21:05:47

New thread for parkrunners old and new.

We are a long-running thread, but very friendly - please come and say hello, and chat about PBs, tourism, progress towards tee-shirts and anyything else about parkrun smile

cinnamongreyhound Fri 27-Feb-15 21:38:07

Phew, thanks OhOneOhTwoOhThree! Enjoy your tourism smile

OhOneOhTwoOhThree Fri 27-Feb-15 21:56:18

Thank you cinnamon hope it stays dry for you tomorrow smile

karatekimmi Sat 28-Feb-15 07:37:23

I was going to do the one in Derby off the A38 but mini Kimmi managed to pass his chicken pox onto my DSis!! She's not happy, as she's goal to have a week off work and it's mad with the financial year ending soon!! I'm she'll have forgiven him me by Christmas!!

Just my local one this week. What's everyone else up to?

karatekimmi Sat 28-Feb-15 07:38:34

Oh and I know I'm probably being dumb, but what does AWOALC stand for?

chestnut100 Sat 28-Feb-15 07:45:05

I'm really dying to do a park run but as I haven't run for a good 10 years I'm scared I would be humiliated at the back. How appropriate are they for new starters?

familygermsareok Sat 28-Feb-15 11:13:47

Checking in here as I do my local parkrun most weeks. Have only ever been a tourist once. Bit muddy and drizzly today but still the best way to start the weekend, as always.

chestnut parkruns are great for new starters! People of all abilities and ages run or run/walk them and they are very friendly and encouraging. There is often a tail runner so you wouldn't be last anyway, when I did it with a new runner friend we had a wee chat with the tail runner on the way round and he was really encouraging, we didn't feel under any pressure at all.
Go for it smile

HalleLouja Sat 28-Feb-15 11:20:34

I hope you all had fun today. Not that I missed doing parkrun. Oh no not me.

karatekimmi Sat 28-Feb-15 11:57:08

Everyone I have been to has been welcoming and friendly. Have a look at the times as it might be reassuring to see the slower finish times. Also most of not all parkruns have Facebook pages so it might be worth looking on there!!! Go and enjoy, you'll have a great time!

cinnamongreyhound Sat 28-Feb-15 12:45:44

Go along Chestnut100, they are all very friendly and welcome runners of all abilities, our slowest today was 42mins smile

Thanks OhOneOhTwoOhThree, we had some drizzle but not too bad at all.

Blatherskite Sat 28-Feb-15 14:48:52

AOWALC stands for All One Word All Lower Case smile

Didcot was fun this morning. Fairly dull as it was 3 laps of a field before heading down a path but it was very flat. Pity I've obviously lost so much fitness as it would have been a fast course otherwise.

parkrun is all about supporting new runners Chestnut. Everyone will have been one at one point and will be happy to include you. Give it a go, you'll have fun.

OhOneOhTwoOhThree Sat 28-Feb-15 18:50:36

I had a very wet and muddy parkrun this morning but it was a PB for Panshanger (only my second time there), and my fastest parkrun so far this year (still a smidgen over 30 mi though - I will nail it next week when I am on my home course grin).

Chestnut as others have said, please go along and give your parkrun a go. Tail running is my fave volunteer job because I love meeting runners/walkers I don't usually see (I am not fast by any mean, but you tend to recognize the people who are about your speed once you have bene going a while).

Kimmi hope your sis gets better and forgives you soon.

Welcome family

Glad it wasn't too wet cinners

chestnut100 Sat 28-Feb-15 20:04:58

I'm feeling totally inspired! I'm going to give it a shot!

karatekimmi Sat 28-Feb-15 20:15:26

Best time since mid December!! I'm happy with that!!

ThursdayLast Sat 28-Feb-15 21:13:48

Oh hello, I didnt even notice we had a new thread!

I took ThursdayDog as an exchange for 2yo DS with a poorly DP, which was ummm...hairy along the slippery uneven downhill bits eek!

Poor dog, I go so slow on the uphill bits he thinks it's sniffing and peeing time and can't figure out why I keep yanking in his lead telling him to 'come ON dog!' grin

I then got the hard sale from the RD who is a CaniCross leader!

Fisharefriendsnotfood Sat 28-Feb-15 21:31:31

I'm supposed to do my first parkrun next Saturday and am really doubting my ability. I have ran 5 k twice, in the last week, with a time of 29:18. But that was on the flat. The parkrun I'm supposed to do (preston) is 3 laps of park with a steep hill. Should I hold off a while? I'm not too worried about time but really don't want to walk or stop at all

ThursdayLast Sat 28-Feb-15 21:43:18

Hi <waves> you found us!

Have a look at the results page of your local parkrun - that'll give you an idea of the slowest times. And don't worry there's a tail runner at all if them so you won't be last grin

I would go for it! My local parkrun is steep in places too and EVERYONE walks at some point, absolutely nothing to be worried about.

Livettupalittle Sat 28-Feb-15 21:43:42

Hi all, I've enjoyed reading all through your previous thread and you've inspired me to give park run a try. My nearest one is Gunnersbury in West London - does anyone know it?

Fisharefriendsnotfood Sat 28-Feb-15 21:51:26

Thanks Thursday, there are people still coming in at 45 mins but very few...

cinnamongreyhound Sat 28-Feb-15 21:54:00

Sub 30mins is very respectable fisharefriendsnotfood, walking is nothing to be ashamed of either. If you're worried about hills then just slow down a bit so you won't need to walk.

Canicross is lots of fun ThursdayLast, give it a go!

Sorry Livettupalittle, never been to any London parkruns.

Fisharefriendsnotfood Sat 28-Feb-15 22:02:03

Thanks Cinnamon, I had never ran in my life prior to starting c25k in Jan.

OhOneOhTwoOhThree Sat 28-Feb-15 22:11:23

Welcome fish smile

There used to be a Preston parkrunner on one of the previous threads but I haven't seen her for ages (mine is also 3 laps of a park with a hill, so I PM'd her to ask if we went to the same one grin).

Well done kimmi!

Glad ThursdayDog enjoyed himself smile

Livett if anyone knows Gunnersbury it is likely to be Blathers - she has been everywhere grin. Melanie has also been to some London ones I think (not stalking, honestly, just have a good memory)

Blatherskite Sun 01-Mar-15 10:06:59

Sorry, not been to Gunnersbury (yet wink) I can ask on the tourist group if you'd like though.

And I've not been everywhere, I'm only on 28 UK courses :p

Brentwood next week....

OhOneOhTwoOhThree Sun 01-Mar-15 10:40:41

More than most of us Blathers smile

Blatherskite Sun 01-Mar-15 11:56:55

I was with people discussing where they'd do their "Cowell" this weekend. No, not a reference to the X Factor but to Chris Cowell who was the first parkrunner to do 100 different events. There is now an unofficial "Cowell Club" of everyone who's reached the milestone.

Runners getting obsessed with stats! Who would have thought it? wink

Means I quite regularly say "I've only done 28 events" though as I forget not everyone's running friends are as nuts as mine grin

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