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Old injury problems and C25K

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MrsMunster Tue 17-Feb-15 16:33:59

A couple of years ago, I completed C25K. Despite having never run before and doubting my chances, I ended up loving it. Once I had finished the plan, I continued running 3 times a week.

It all came to a grinding halt a few weeks later when I suffered an injury. A physio treated me for compartment syndrome and recommended I avoid running for 6 months.

For various reasons, it's taken me longer than that to get back to it and I started C25K from the beginning again a fortnight ago. I can already feel the same pain beginning in the same spot and I've only run for 90 seconds at a time so far!

I'm really discouraged by the possibility I might have to give up again. I've been extra careful with warm ups. cool downs, stretches etc. and I feel like I could really do with the mental benefits of running as well as the physical ones.

Any suggestions for how to overcome this?

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