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Tough Mudder training plan

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cheerup Mon 19-Jan-15 21:35:47

I am doing Tough Mudder in May and am keen to start training now. I run 5k in just under 30 mins but don't do it regularly. I currently do 2 insanity classes a week plus boot camp and body pump classes. I did Grit Plyo for the first time last week and would like to incorporate that and/or Grit Strength. I'll be doing some hill/trail running training with teammates once a week. Any Tough Mudders here who can advise what else to alter/incorporate? Also, conscious that I'm not really a runner at the moment, which running plan to follow - 10k or half marathon?

Usernamegone Tue 20-Jan-15 21:01:57

In not really a runner and normally only run a max 10k but was fine running 12 miles on the TM I did last summer. With events like TM you will probably only be running 0.5 mile max before you stop for an obstacle. What annoyed me when I did TM was that especially at the beginning there was a lot of bottle necks so you could really run for any length of time. There was also a lot of queuing for obstacles. Any cross country and trail running (especially hilly and uneven) will be good. TM also requires upper body strength (which I struggle with as a female) as they have obstacles like monkey bars and rope climbs and massive walls.

So basically your training should be a mixture of running and strength training.

I normally got to BMF classes, plus a bit of running (although I am partial to a body pump class and insanity when I have the time)

This year I have got a PT to design a programme for me to improve my strength to help me get over those massive walls and my running which will be a mixture of intervals and longer sessions.

cheerup Wed 21-Jan-15 17:16:47

Thank you username gone. I am relieved that the runs aren't long continuous ones as I suspect sprint over distance is as much mental as physical for me. I will never be a marathon runner! I will have to be disciplined to make sure I do enough outside training and get over my thing about rain!

Wish me luck confused [confu

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