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Help and advice needed please

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Sagethyme Sat 17-Jan-15 22:46:27

Really need some advice and help please. Need to get fit and lose weight. Will need to start slowly ....very little exercise in last few years as toddlers don't walk very fast! this is what i am looking for;
Really good app which lets me track my health, input data and maybe gives exercise plan? Does anyone know if such a thing exists?
I don't have an iphone, but have an ipad so want something which i can log into each day (hopefully this will also keep up motivation!)
Also thinking about getting a pedometer, so i can transfer data from pedometer into the ap.
Are there any really good and reliable pedometers out there? Last one i had used to add on a step every time i coughed or sneezed!
Really really grateful for any advice as i must get fit and loseweight.
Oh not sure how relevant this is but i'm not very techno savyy!
Huge thank you in advance smile

hairypaws Sat 17-Jan-15 23:05:16

Fit it flex. I bought my dh one for Christmas and was so impressed by his motivation I got one too.

It's an activity tracker which counts your steps, it vibrates on your wrist once you reach 10,000 and I think you can adjust amount of steps you want to reach. You can also log extra exercise and your food. I don't bother logging food.

It counts calories burned in relation to your steps/exercise (don't suppose it's accurate but gives a good idea). It also shows graphs for your active minutes per day/steps/calories etc. it also logs your sleep pattern (awake time/restless and sleep). You keep it on 24/7 as it's waterproof.

It also has an alarm if you want it to waken you in the morning.

I honestly haven't moved this much in a long time, it's brilliant IMO.

Sagethyme Sat 17-Jan-15 23:09:42

Cool thanks hairypaws do they sell them in most fitness shops? Also when you say you wear it all the time does it clip to a waist a band? TIA smile

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