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will this do anything?

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superbagpuss Fri 16-Jan-15 19:08:08

so after months of no exercise due to health issues I have started to do 30 mins 3 times a week burning approx 300 calories

I also have some hand weights I am using 3 times a week

and I am eating healthier

is there any point to this or is it too little to matter?

Unidentifieditem Fri 16-Jan-15 19:46:43

It matters enormously and makes a big difference!! You're developing fitness, your heart is pumping, your muscles are working, and your lungs are working full pelt. The recommendation is 3x 30 mins cardio per week (well maybe daily but who the hell has time). Any activity is better than no activity, and it will slowly build your strength and fitness to enable you to do longer sessions or harder ones. Don't give up! You're definitely making a difference

Suzannewithaplan Fri 16-Jan-15 20:38:19

agree completely, every little helps

MelanieCheeks Sat 17-Jan-15 07:49:38

Any exercise is good! And using weights is an excellent idea - the more muscles you have, the better your metabolism. That's a bit of a generalisation, but you've definitely made a good start.

superbagpuss Sat 17-Jan-15 09:02:49

thank you for the encouragement everyone

does anyone have a good food recording free app for android

I guess I should do this properly

EdithDickie Sat 17-Jan-15 09:46:21

My Fitness Pal is really good for tracking food.

superbagpuss Sat 17-Jan-15 13:18:45

great thank you grin.

EdithDickie Sat 17-Jan-15 16:17:04

Hope that you like it smile

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