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stationary bike hiit exercise for weight loss

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cleanmachine Wed 14-Jan-15 12:27:59

I did the c25k last year but then had to stop after quite a bad case of plantar facitis.

Not done any exercise for a while but have got my exercise bike ready. Am going to do 20-30 mins of hiit about 4 times a week. Has anyone done this and lost weight and toned up?

FatMumSlim72 Thu 15-Jan-15 01:14:30

No but I want to! Need to lose two stone and getting on the exercise bike will help I know. Just how easy is it NOT to do it?! I am aiming for 15 minutes a day. I just get so bored and think of other things I should be doing...! Good luck clean machine.

cleanmachine Thu 15-Jan-15 20:58:55

Fat Thank you for your reply. I did 13 minutes yesterday. Ooooofffff. My arse is killing. Why are the seats so frigging uncomfortable, i couldn't walk straight for an hour. I did 30 secs full pelt, 1 min normal and repeat. I was knackered by the end and really enjoyed it.

Let's buddy up maybe we can help each other along on this thread. I'm doing 5 2 as well although i lose very very slowly. I'm hoping the cycling will speed up my losses. Right off to massage arse cheeks before my next session tmrw.

ivykaty44 Sun 18-Jan-15 14:59:36

What music do you listen to whilst training? It may help to put some up beat music on and then use the chorus to sprint

I find Niki manage songs good and some other nsff stuff - I use YouTube

cleanmachine Sun 18-Jan-15 21:55:21

That's a good idea ivy. I will take up that suggestion. I was supposed to go on the bike today but (tmi) my lady bits are really sore! So I've postponed for a few days. How long do you cycle for icy? ?

Claybury Wed 21-Jan-15 21:53:28

It shouldn't be that uncomfortable. Try changing the saddle or wearing padded shorts ?

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