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Gyms - quality of family membership offer and service?

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KateLondon82 Sat 10-Jan-15 23:07:42

Interested to hear thoughts on this. Recently joined Virgin Active Clapham Common (but can use other clubs) and took up membership for Son (2) and Daughter (10mths). Have been really unimpressed. They seem to market child membership but it's very poor. Disappointed to find family swim times are limited 60mins slots which you have to book for at weekends and there are only two per day. crèche shuts for a crucial hour at lunch and most frustratingly if I want to pay extra for swimming lessons for the children on their membership they won't allow for a named nanny to take them and go in the pool with them (I work full time). Have tried complaining to the club via email (which was ignored) and in person but was made to feel like a hysterical mother. Completely understand if a gym doesn't want to focus on families but in which case don't offer a child membership. Was previously a member of David Lloyd which was provided a much more sensible and practical child membership. Interested to hear of other people's experiences and if anyone has found better elsewhere?

EldonAve Sat 10-Jan-15 23:41:41

Surprised to hear they won't let your nanny tkae them to the swim lesson

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