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Colchester Castle Park R4L 5k

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suddenlysix Sun 04-Jan-15 21:30:41


First post in this section - didn't even know it was here so quite excited! I've been to the gym on and off for years but I have only discovered running since I rejoined in September. I decided to set myself the goal of running for 10 mins solid and since then I haven't looked back. In fact I think I'm a bit addicted to it now. Anyway, my latest goal is to run a 5k race so I have just signed up today for the Race for Life in my town, Colchester, in July. I know its a bit of a long shot but have any of you lovely ladies run this race? What I really need to know is the lay out of the course as I feel I need to give it a few practice runs before the actual day. So far I can easily run a 3k on the treadmill. My goal this week is to run to 3k, walk to 4 then run the last 1k. Next week I will be aiming to run the whole way to 5k. I'm sure I'll get a lot of practice at that before July but I want to be able to run the actual course which I'm guessing involves some hills, knowing the lay out of the park.

I hope my running attempts don't sound too pathetic. Just a couple of months ago I struggled to run for 90 seconds without collapsing so I feel incredibly proud to look like one of those "actual fit people" at the gym now (even if I do feel like I'm just pretending!).

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