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anyone tried the Tupler Technique for abdominal muscle separation?

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gretagrape Fri 02-Jan-15 10:19:55

Right - I've finally decided that instead of being paralysed into doing nothing because of all the conflicting advice I need to do something about my stomach muscles. This isn't about weight loss - there's no 'looseness' to my tummy but it's becoming a health issue, I have constant mild stomach ache and my back is starting to suffer because my core is so weak.

Has anyone tried the Tupler technique? Most post-birth exercise books/techniques seem to be completely wrong if you have separated muscles as they are about strengthening the core by engaging the muscles that are separated which will make it worse, whereas this Tupler thing seems to be geared to specifically work on closing those muscles.

Any feedback from you good people?

CosyDuvetBliss Wed 28-Jan-15 08:17:27

I have just started the MUtu system this week. Its very slow going. But I hope it works!

As for the Tupler I dont really have much knowledge but I do think both systems are quite similar and do work.

Good luck!

sarahkdg Sun 01-Mar-15 19:51:14

Hi, I am just starting week 2 of Tupler technique, my gap has already gone from 4fingers width to 3, and waist 1 1/2inches smaller! Very pleased so far and I would definitely say go for it!

Matilda11 Fri 04-Mar-16 23:49:34

That is really exciting to hear...I just posted on another thread to see if anyone had tried tupler technique as wanted to see if anyone has used it. I just this evening placed an order after my nhs physio (who said it works amazingly well at pulling in muscles and flattening tummy...hurray!) recommended. I'm excited!

SophieLion Mon 14-Mar-16 07:55:28

I did the tupler for 6 weeks and wore the splint. I was religious about doing the exercises 3 times a day (I found them very time consuming) but after 6 weeks, my gap went from 6 fingers to just over 2 and I lost 2.5cm from bottom, middle and top of core.

My stomach is way flatter and I am able to control all the muscles there now (as they have "woken up"). I also learnt which movements I can and can't do. Traditions crunches are a big no no with diastasis recti as are most of the Pilates moves. You learn what is OK to do.

I still do the exercises once a day when I can (not every day) as I still have a bit of a gap and to keep the area toned.

SophieLion Mon 14-Mar-16 11:29:07

I forgot to say that my Physio said the last couple of cm s are the hardest to close. She also said that some people may have had a 1cm gap prior to pregnancy for whatever reason (doing wrong ab exercises for years - she told me to google images of body builders who almost always have a gap) so you may never be able to close it completely.

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