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Is yoga becoming more and more popular or it's just me?

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Mary65 Fri 02-Jan-15 09:42:18

Hi all! I was wondering if anybody feels the way I feel. I've started doing yoga a year ago and it has been a fantastic experience. I never thought learning yoga from videos can do so much good for you if you stick to it. I do feel however, this sport of the mind, body and spirit is becoming more and more popular even in the younger generation and I think that's brilliant. My daughter is in her first year at University and she's into yoga as well. I was thinking to make her a surprise and book a yoga-holiday for next summer, but I'm not sure where to start? Any recommendation? Thank you all!


sooperdooper Fri 02-Jan-15 09:44:49

I think it's always been popular, I've been going for years smile

A yoga holiday sounds fab, never done one myself but I've seen them advertised for places in the lake district

Suzannewithaplan Fri 02-Jan-15 10:42:35

Yoga styles seem to have expanded, I think people have used youtube to share ideas and take a more creative approach to yoga. There has also been some blending with pilates ‎

skildpadden Fri 02-Jan-15 10:44:24

Yoga is always being pushed by sites like mind body green.

Personally yoga makes me feel a rage. I prefer kickboxing. I feel nice and calm after kickboxing.

skildpadden Fri 02-Jan-15 10:45:23

lovely to be able to do it with your daughter thoguh.

Mary65 Tue 06-Jan-15 10:26:26

Yeah, I was quite surprised she would like to do something like that. I think I was reading a book about yoga and it just came in the conversation. So when I asked her if she like going in a yoga-holiday with me, she said yes. Now I need to find a place where they do stuff like this and where should I get started. As time goes by, they might get more and more expensive.

ItsGonnaBeCoolThisChristmas Tue 06-Jan-15 11:15:03

I have been to Yoga Plus in Crete several times (since the 90's) - it is a super awesome holiday and I've felt the best I've ever felt in my life after 2 weeks there there. (you can go for 1 week, but seriously change your life and go for 2). Lots of yoga, other activities on every session (nothing compulsory - its up to you), beautiful beach, cocktails and wine if you want them, really fantastic veggie & vegan meals provided (you can buy other meals at local taverna if you want meat/fish occasionally), and interesting people from all around the world.

If they don't have the 2015 dates up yet they will be up soon.

AggressiveBunting Tue 06-Jan-15 13:55:44

I like ashtanga so long as the teacher sticks to the physical and doesn't start spouting bollocks about stuff that is biologically incorrect- that does give me the rage. I think the physical benefits of yoga as a restorative practice are also better known so it's becoming more mainstream. Before, many people thought it was just for hippies.

Mary65 Fri 09-Jan-15 09:51:46

AggressiveBunting If it used to be just for hippies, maybe the hippies knew better, right? smile Crete sounds really good, thank you! I will look into it. Thanks everybody for you opinions, If I find something interesting, I'll share it with you.

BeCool Fri 09-Jan-15 10:49:30

they are serious about yoga, but this is balanced with respect for your holiday too, so it's not like an ashram and it's not dogmatic at all. It is a great fun holiday, with some serious well supported yoga to start the day.

Claybury Fri 09-Jan-15 12:29:38

A regular yoga practice is transformational. It's impossible to explain this to the uninitiated. I'm an athlete and on the physical side it keeps me injury free from the other stuff I do. However it goes so much further than that in its benefits - better sleep, better mental attitude, better posture, fewer aches and pains to name a few.
And it really is for everyone. The lady on the mat next me at my regular class is 92 years old- she doesn't want to be in pain and a drain on her family. What an inspiration.

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