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Quick question about running.

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Wealldancelamacarena Mon 22-Dec-14 12:17:56

I did the couch to 5 k in the past and I don't want to do it again as I want to try a new approach. I went for a run yesterday and manage to run without stopping for 7 minutes, I'll go again tomorrow and will aim for 8 or 9 minutes. Do you think it's good way to do it ? I don't want to run 1 minute then stop, then 1 minute etc...thank you :-)

Wealldancelamacarena Mon 22-Dec-14 14:40:47


rubyblue Mon 22-Dec-14 14:44:29

If you can do seven minutes without stopping, that's great. But! why don't you then walk for a minute and then start running again? The aim is to stretch the amount of time you can keep running continuously. There's no hard and fast rules, the walk one minute, jog the next is a gradual approach for those completely new so that they build fitness gradually.

Stick with it, running is the cheapest and easiest exercise and the only thing I have ever stuck with.

FruitBasedDrinkForALady Mon 22-Dec-14 14:45:59

If you're comfortable running for 7 mins then I'd stick with it. I think the rule is no greater than a 10% increase per week. I'm doing the bridge to 10k programme now and it goes back to 10min stretches so you could look at one of those to see if it might suit?

addictedtosugar Mon 22-Dec-14 14:52:45

Why not pick up C25K around week 5 - so past the really short running periods, but progressing in a steady way?

Wealldancelamacarena Mon 22-Dec-14 15:02:26

Hi ! Thank you ! I couldn't run more as my lungs were on fire. My legs were fine but I was out of breath. I think yes I could look at started from week 5, I feel like an idiot : why didn't I think about doing it myself aim is to run 5 k in March then 10 k later...I'm 36 years old and about 15 stones, you think it's doable ?

actiongirl1978 Mon 22-Dec-14 15:03:30

I found a route that took about an hour to walk, I then ran for a bit longer each time, and I used to sometimes walk for a bit then run at the end. Eventually I joined up the running stages and dropped the walking ones. I don't personally think you should limit yourself, if you are comfortable running, then run!

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