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Jogging in winter?

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Skinheadmermaid Wed 10-Dec-14 17:12:21

What do you wear?
If you wear hat/gloves etc don't you overheat once you're running?
What about when the roads are icy?
I am confused about these basic things. confused

Chopsypie Wed 10-Dec-14 17:16:07

I wear under armour leggings, a long sleeved exercise top and a thin jacket.
Normal woollen gloves and a woollen headband to cover my ears because otherwise they ache. No hat, I get too hot

ALittleFaith Wed 10-Dec-14 17:16:32

I wear a breatheable t-shirt and a long sleeved running top (both from Sports direct). I have running gloves too. I rarely wear a hat. Usually find I get warm pretty quickly. I'm careful about running when it's icy because I don't want to break any thing!

ALittleFaith Wed 10-Dec-14 17:17:42

My top is similar to this.

BoysRule Wed 10-Dec-14 17:18:31

I have just started out as I am training for a half marathon at the end of March (aaah!).

I am wearing ankle length running tights, a base layer, a t-shirt and a windproof and waterproof jacket. Also fleece gloves. I ran 5 miles yesterday morning and it was icy and cold. I took my jacket off after a few miles and tied it round my waist. The roads were icy and at points we had to walk or run on the grass verge. It might be easier to go later in the day when the frost has melted. Better to wear too much and take it off I think - do a short run to start with and see how you feel but it's surprising how nice and refreshing it is.

GerundTheBehemoth Wed 10-Dec-14 17:19:09

I just got back from a run - it's about 4 degrees here at the moment. I wore full-length running tights and a long-sleeved technical running top. I never wear a jacket or gloves (though always wear baseball cap). I just accept that I'll be a bit too cold for the first 5-10 minutes but then I'll warm up nicely.

When there's proper ice/snow around I wear Yaktrax over my shoes for running (and indeed walking), they are bloody brilliant. I tend to just avoid running on sub-zero mornings when there's black ice on the roads/pavements.

TheBigBumTheory Wed 10-Dec-14 17:23:07

I wear base layer shorts and vest, then long top and running tights, plus running jacket (breathable/waterproof). Also a high vis bib ny Ronhill and light flashing arm bands.

The most important thing by far is lights and high vis. Better cold than run over...

FeathersMcGraw Wed 10-Dec-14 17:23:51

I wear long tights and a long sleeved running top. Sometimes I layer a short sleeved one over or a lightweight running jacket.

I also have a few buffs so I use one as a head band to keep my ears and forehead warm without overheating and the other around my neck so I can pull it up over my nose & mouth (perfect for super-icy breaths that freeze your lungs!). Sunglasses if needed and my ninja look is complete.

Oh, and running gloves from Aldi.

BikeRunSki Wed 10-Dec-14 17:24:29

I wear long running tights, merino wool socks, merino wool long sleeved top and a breathable shower proof/wind proof jacket. If it's really cold I'll wear a fleece earband and "magic" gloves. V rarely a fleece beanie, but I have very thick hair. If it's icy I'll go off road with little grippy things that attach to my shoes, a bit like slimline crampons, but I can't remember what they are called.

FeathersMcGraw Wed 10-Dec-14 17:24:56

Head torch and high viz at night, definitely.

Thankfully I can fit most of my runs in during the day.

GerundTheBehemoth Wed 10-Dec-14 17:26:08

Oh, forgot the high vis stuff! I have snap-on reflective arm and ankle band thingies (and most of my tops/tights also have reflective bits).

madwomanbackintheattic Wed 10-Dec-14 17:27:12

Round here people wear buffs over their faces to run, thermal leggings and long sleeved tops under running tights and a jacket, gloves (I had a fabu pair of ancient helly's but they aren't warm enough now.) and get kitted out with trap for their feet. We have six months of snow and folk still run in -27 though... The main issue is actually that your eyelashes freeze together when you breathe, so by the end of the run you can barely see.

In the UK I just wore winter running tights and a jacket over a breathable running top. I used glove liners instead off gloves on really cold days, and ran on the verge instead of the pavement or went cross country when it was slippery. I never wear a hat to run in the UK, unless it's raining and then I wear a baseball cap to keep the rain out of my eyes. Once you get going it's plenty warm enough.

TheBigBumTheory Wed 10-Dec-14 17:27:46

I have a buff which might start off as a 'hat' but as I heat up its round my neck for wiping sweat off my eyes.

madwomanbackintheattic Wed 10-Dec-14 17:28:10

Oh, yes, I have wee reflective bands from some run yonks ago that I wrap round my limbs in deference to h&s ;-)

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 10-Dec-14 17:32:07

I wear long tights and two tops if it's chilly. I always wear a hat, winter and summer. It's a buff with a visor, very thin but keeps rain and sun out of my eyes.

Most of my tops are high viz but I only run in the daytime anyway.

Gloves are a must on really chilly days. Hands are the one part that rarely gets warm if the temperature drops below zero.

It's learning what works for you. If I get warm my gloves get shoved down my bra!

I also go off road of its very icy. Just slow down and take it easy. I've run on the pavements in ice and snow though, never really had an issue. I wouldn't run on roads in the ice though.

I love running in the winter......

Skinheadmermaid Wed 10-Dec-14 18:14:22

Oh thanks guys, you've given such helpful replies! flowers
Just a little confused as to what a 'buff' is-is those scarf masks things that you wear over your mouth? I had one for the motorbike. Are the running ones the same?

CMOTDibbler Wed 10-Dec-14 18:22:59

I wear winter tights, a long sleeve top, and a fleece if very cold/drizzly, plus running gloves. I have an issue with getting cold round my lower back/bum on longer runs, and now have a kidney warmer tube (like a giant buff) which keeps that bit cosy, and I also use it on the bike.

Yes a buff is a necktube thing, though for running you generally would use the thin ones bikers normally use to stop their leathers rubbing round the neck rather than the thermal fleecy ones

Suzannewithaplan Wed 10-Dec-14 19:20:19

I often run with a small backpack into which I can stuff my jacket and hat when I get too hot.
Seems like we all find our own optimal ways of dealing with the temperature regulation problems!

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 10-Dec-14 19:35:51

Buffs are fabric tubes that you can wear different ways. The ones with visors are great because they are light and thin but protect me from the sun and rain.

annabanana19 Fri 12-Dec-14 14:43:26

I wear long leggings, base layer and a technical t-shirt. Then running gloves & and a headband which cover my ears. I won a buff a couple of weeks ago and I will come n handy as I hate breathing in cold air so it will cover my mouth too!

Suzannewithaplan Sun 14-Dec-14 11:26:34

I find that the buff is good but hard to keep in place, if I have it over my nose my glasses steam up.
If I have it over my mouth it slips down.
Considering sewing loops onto the sides so that I can suspend it from my ears ‎grin

annabanana19 Wed 17-Dec-14 18:27:33

I'm yet to try the buff! I'll let you know!

loveableshoulder Sun 28-Dec-14 19:11:42

Wow, so many people seem to wear so much.

I wear a short-sleeved technical top, with either shorts and knee-high compression socks, or 3/4 length tights. A fine run for me is one where I can't feel my hands to begin with but can by the end of the run. If I wear any more I get so hot I can't run my best and feel nauseous. This happens even if I tie something round my waist / it keeps the heat in.

It's a shame, as DH has boughte a lovely running jacket recently which I hardly ever wear.

NoveltySlippers Sun 28-Dec-14 22:22:14

Can someone post a link to the kind of thing meant by 'base layer'? Someone else mentioned a breathable T-shirt too.

clary Sun 28-Dec-14 22:32:23

I have new running tights I got for Christmas smile Wore them today for the first time and they were very nice (Nike ones with zip-up ankles).

Really warm. Also have a new l/s top with thumbholes which I am liking. Wore that today too as well as a thin jacket I often wear but I was too warm even tho it was just a short run. Had to tie jacket round my waist halfway round grrrr

I wear gloves if I am running in the evening in the winter and it is a very cold night but usually have to take them off and don't like carrying things while I run. Normally I wear ss running top plus jacket and running shorts that come below the knee. Never a hat. Don't like hats anyway tho.

I agree I hate being too hot. Tho I did go out on a v cold night a couple of weeks ago with no gloves and was crying in agony by the time I got home sad

nike top this is my new l/s top I love it

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