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Any online resources for knowing what to do at the gym and for how long?

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gazouille Thu 04-Dec-14 15:09:58

I would say app but I am not likely to take the ipad to the gym - today I saw a lady's iphone detach from her person while she was on the treadmill and go flying across the room. I suppose I want to put together a little schedule to know what I should do, for how long and how fast. I like the treadmill, cycle, wave machine, cross trainer etc not really weight training as it gives me two days of soreness hmm. I know you can sort of program things in but it does not seem convincing to me for example, on the wave machine today it was telling me to maintain a speed of 180spm but even when I tried it seemed impossible to get up to even 80 mainly bc of how it bloody works! Therefore, I assume the calories burned displayed at the end was inaccurately high. I am not very good at the maths, I would be willing to invest in a small add on gadget.

gazouille Thu 04-Dec-14 15:12:35

Just realised that the thread title is a bit vague. I would get a trainer but I cannot afford one. I know how things work I just want them to work for me. I track calories on MFP and I am surprisingly allowed around 1500 which is possibly too high. However, i dont enter exercise as that only bumps it up further and I would make huge errors and end up with reverse results.

actiongirl1978 Fri 05-Dec-14 07:54:21

You really need to do some weights in with the cardio, if you are trying to lose weight, cardio won't work on its own.

Can you ask the gym for 15 mins with a member of staff to put together a quick program? Did you have an induction?

gazouille Fri 05-Dec-14 10:36:48

Induction kept getting cancelled. I don't mind dumbells but the kettlebell squats and lunges was a bit much for the two days following rather than at the time. Especially when they made me do it in slow motion over ten small stages. I did fifteen deadlifts and thought it was all too easy but I could not even perform basic body movements without feeling sore for days later.

actiongirl1978 Fri 05-Dec-14 13:02:52

Feeling sore after is the best part! I am pretty fit and in addition to running and pilates have been seeing a personal trainer for three months - and I still ache like mad 24 to 48 hrs afterwards, that's how you know it's working. Kettle bell squat amazing for your bum!

In fact today my hamstrings, quads and arms are super sore, but I know when I get into my dress for the Xmas party tomorrow I won't have bingo wings, surely that's worth the aches and pains? You coulda invest in a foam roller which helps massage achy muscles. They are about 10 on amazon or similar and instructions can be found on YouTube. Google self-myofasical massage and this might get you over the fear of being too achy.

gazouille Fri 05-Dec-14 14:35:27

I was reassured that the soreness was a good thing and I did see some good results pretty quickly. I assumed it was an initial thing which wore off as you developed a lifting routine but obviously not! I guess I found it hard to keep up with DC all weekend and felt it was unfair to choose to be like that. I just did an aerobics class with around 15 mins dumbells (not the same, I know) as well as a short spin class which was easier than usual in order to accommodate newbies and I am fine but I feel I could have been pushed more. I may try and arrange the gym induction. I don't think I would use free weights at the gym though - it is definitely the all boys section of the gym and I get the impression it is understaffed. I have wondered about the arm pressing machine though (prob not it's real name)

gazouille Fri 05-Dec-14 14:37:05

actiongirl - I wish I had a training buddy like you in RL - the mums around here are either non sporty or away working!

actiongirl1978 Fri 05-Dec-14 18:01:00

Oh that's sweet of you to say, I would be happy to help on here though!

I don't do barbells, I can but I'm not keen. I lift kettle bells - 18 and 10 kg and then do things like chest flys and presses with dumbells 3 and 5 kg.

I also do a lot of body weight work, and ab curls on the gym ball and support my body weight and lift my knees which really works on abs.

I then supplement with pilates which is amazing for everything. There is rarely a day in the week when I don't ache somewhere.

It doesn't stop me looking after the dc's though, i just moan a bit when I have to get up from a seated position sometimes! Oh and it isn't unfair, it's unfair if you don't get to have the relaxation time in the gym and the body you want.

gazouille Fri 05-Dec-14 18:39:15

Thanks Actiongirl. I tried pilates once a few weeks ago but I never enjoyed it as much as I had hoped, even though the teacher was lovely. You sound very sporty, have you tried crossfit?

actiongirl1978 Fri 05-Dec-14 19:09:02

No, what is crossfit?

And as for sporty, that I am not, the last four months have been an exceptional time due to my youngest starting school and finding myself with time to exercise.

I was always the one with a note in PE at school!

BUT having a personal trainer for three months has changed my body and my life I think, I won't ever go back to just running or other cardio stuff on its own, I have really seen the benefit of weights and body weight exercises and I feel like a different woman.

It has also helped me settle into a new school and area as we relocated in the summer and hassle given me oodles of confidence. I would suggest googling for a gym program, you want one about an hour in length with a cardio warm up and then build yourself up with some low weights. There is loads of guidance on YouTube I'm sure.

gazouille Sun 07-Dec-14 15:22:25

Thanks actiongirl. It sounds a bit like the class I am taking and you are right, if it is challenging enough for your level of fitness then I suppose it is a lot cheaper than going for a personal trainer. Crossfit is a bit like HIIT big in America; apparently many of us will be doing it in ten years time as they are opening more and more of them in the UK.

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