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Quick question from brand new runner

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whyhasmyheadgonenumb Tue 25-Nov-14 17:24:00

Have decided to start running, mainly on treadmill to start with so had a go last night and I felt like (TMI) my insides were going to fall out which I'm thinking must be my pelvic floor muscles.
Had last DC 22 months ago and have been doing PF exercises so a bit annoyed, can I just keep going when I feel this or should I stop?


WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Tue 25-Nov-14 17:28:41

Stop, definitely. Running is not a good exercise for the pelvic floor and treadmills are apparently worse than running on the ground. You may be starting to develop a prolapse, do things feel any different down below? I would get yourself off to the GP to have it checked and if possible referred to the women's health physio. Listen, I could talk a lot more about this but have the DCs waiting for their tea, will post back again later. Try not to worry.

whyhasmyheadgonenumb Tue 25-Nov-14 17:33:55

Thank you, will speak to nurse when I take DD for her injections next week, things don't feel different at all but I was very shocked when I started running! I had a moment on someone's trampoline last summer and I had to get off but not running before.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Tue 25-Nov-14 21:03:28

Right, I'm back. I developed prolapses after the birth of my children (first was delivered by forceps) 8 and 10 years ago. Things felt very bulgy down below but it wasn't causing any problems, so I just got on with my life, didn't bother with pelvic floor exercises as much as I should have done etc. Then about three years ago I decided to get fit and started running and doing the 30 Day Shred DVD, also the DCs got a new trampoline. One day I was out running and I felt as though I urgently needed to go to the loo, a really heavy feeling, yet when I got home and tried I didn't actually need to go, and I realised the prolapses had suddenly got worse. I was having prblems going to the toilet as well. The feeling came and went for a couple of weeks, then became much worse, to the point where I couldn't sit comfortably any more, so I went off to the GP and was referred to the urogynae dept, I had successful surgery to repair it a few months later, that was 2 years ago.

Now, if I had my time again, I would have been much more careful to avoid all this happening, I would have done a proper workout for my PF and made sure my core was really strong before even thinking about running. I'm not sure whether I would have taken it up at all to be honest. So, if I was you I'd stop running for now and get off to the GP (maybe ask at reception if any of the GPs in your practice specialise in Women's Health). Other risk factors for prolapse include being menopausal, overweight, having hypermobility, doing a lot of heavy lifting, having had a lot of tearing or forceps in childbirth, that sort of thing, so if any of those apply do mention it. Ask for a referral to the Women's Health physio, they can make sure you are doing your PFEs correctly and tailor a programme for you, plus give you lots of other exercise and lifestyle advice to stop things getting worse.

Swimming and cycling are both a lot safer cardio exercise than running if you have any concerns about your PF, I mainly swim and walk now, I miss running and sometimes go for a gentle jog, but feel safer not doing too much of it. Definitely no trampolining for me either!

whyhasmyheadgonenumb Tue 25-Nov-14 21:44:25

Thank you for your advise, I will definately get it checked out.
I'm 31, not overweight, had 2 textbook births 19 months apart with no tearing or intervention and have no waterworks problems so I'm a bit flummoxed. I can stop my urine mid flow with no problems.
I will ring GPs and ask for someone specialising in gynae because I am concerned and really want to do some exercise!!

actiongirl1978 Tue 25-Nov-14 21:54:33

We'll I am not an expert but when I went on a trampoline 6 weeks after having my daughter I felt like my insides would fall out too. Still do on trampolines. The first time I ran after giving birth I felt like that too. I ignored it, cracked on and I was fine, it was just a very weak poor core strength. But if you are worried see the gp.

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