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Bike Computer Thingy

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Elliptic5 Wed 19-Nov-14 17:10:33

DH and I have recently gone back to riding bikes after years and years, I have inherited my daughters Claude Butler Hybrid and DH has bought a Raleigh Hybrid. He is struggling a bit with anything at much of a gradient and I thought some sort of cycle computer attached to his bike might spur him on.
Looking at them online I don't really know what to get, especially as some are pretty expensive, can anyone recommend something good and relatively simple that will stay attached to the bike when DH hits a pothole? smile

Thistledew Wed 19-Nov-14 17:19:37

What's your budget?

You can get a basic one that will tell you your mileage, speed and average speed for around £30. Any of the ones here should do the trick.

If you are wanting one that will actually measure the gradient you cycle up, as well as doing all sorts of other wonderful stuff such as heart rate and cadence then you really can't beat a Garmin. You can load maps into them as well, which is great for longer rides or on holiday.

catsofa Wed 19-Nov-14 17:22:34

Yes! A bike computer is brilliant motivation. Don't get a wireless one as they tend to suddenly go weird and report implausible speeds or register nothing at all. The wire is small and easy to tape or cable tie to your fork.

Anything by Cateye will be good, I've used a few. Revolution is Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op's own brand and their stuff is usually very good for the price.

Does he have enough appropriate gears for the hills BTW? And is he actually using them? With a computer to show his speed he might be impressed that even when he thinks he's going slower than walking pace while spinning up a hill, he could easily be doing 3 times the speed he could possibly walk it.

catsofa Wed 19-Nov-14 17:25:01

Also if you/he have a smartphone then try the app Endomondo, it tracks you so you can see your average speed, where you have been on a map, all sorts of things. Make a free account and then you can see the gradient and all sorts of extra stuff on a computer when you get home too, it's a nice toy.

Elliptic5 Wed 19-Nov-14 17:26:24

I'd probably spend up to £100, although I'm quite concerned it will fall off the bike and DH won't notice - he's also not very good with computer things, and I don't want to be the one who has to be continually programming it. But I also know he's really into fact and figures so once he's got the hang of it I'm sure he will love it.
Will have a look at your link and the Garmin ones Thistledew

Elliptic5 Wed 19-Nov-14 17:32:01

Thanks catsofa lots more to look at. He is still trying to get the hang of his gears so I know that is part of his problem.
Will also have a look at the app.

pootlebug Thu 20-Nov-14 09:33:38

I'd start with this

It's only £10 but does current speed, maximum speed, total distance and trip distance….which is pretty much what you need to start with.

If he gets really into it and you want a much fancier one, then part with the extra cash once you have worked out if he is into the idea.

CMOTDibbler Thu 20-Nov-14 09:35:43

My ds has the cateye one, and it works really well for him. He enjoys seeing his current speed and trying to keep it up

Elliptic5 Thu 20-Nov-14 15:37:36

Is he using the wired one CMOT ? As catsofa has said the wireless, which are a lot more expensive, can be unreliable.
I think DH should be ok attaching the wires, I'm also assuming you make the adjustment for wheel size on the computer itself.

CMOTDibbler Thu 20-Nov-14 15:39:16

Yes, its wired. Took about 5 minutes to install, and you select your wheel size on it

Elliptic5 Thu 20-Nov-14 16:56:15

Great thanks

catsofa Thu 20-Nov-14 18:18:20

You'll probably need to know your tyre size too as it makes quite a difference to the circumfrence of the wheel. It will be written on the side of the tyre somewhere but is usually invisible when tyre is not completely clean. Wipe round the tyre wall with something slightly damp and it will appear as if by magic.

catsofa Thu 20-Nov-14 18:18:58


BlueChampagne Fri 21-Nov-14 20:29:53

My basic Cateye one has lasted years.

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