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Cherryblossomsmile Mon 10-Nov-14 14:10:34

Since completing my first half a month ago feel really flat. I was so focused on training for it for the past 5 months now I feel cast adrift. Has anyone else had this?

I'm still running 3 x a week and have 10k race in a couple of weeks but can't do another half until next summer as I have other commitments until then.

How can I keep myself ticking over? I did 4 miles this morning and 6 months ago would be very happy but now I feel it's not enough.

What do you think I could do to set new targets?

Mitchy1nge Mon 10-Nov-14 14:28:21

maintaining your fitness is a good goal in itself, could you take up something new once or twice a week that would support your running but challenge you in different ways? Cycling? Swimming? Yoga? Weights?

or do more interesting and challenging running if you are in a rut, are you a club member? they usually have sessions of stuff that is hard to be bothered to do if you always run alone - intervals and fartlek and threshold runs and stuff - it wouldn't add to your weekly volume of training but could help make you faster

Cherryblossomsmile Mon 10-Nov-14 16:06:34

Thanks mitchy. I'm not in a club as they meet evenings and I can only run early mornings but you're right about more interesting or challenging running I think. maybe I need to get a plan or training programme in place.

I'm going to look online for a 10k one I think and work on improving my speed.

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