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Stress fracture!

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Asleeponasunbeam Fri 07-Nov-14 12:54:42

It appears I have a stress fracture in my lower leg. Awaiting MRI next week to confirm. I had a thread in general health but wanted to ask advice here.

I've been running about 18 months, did my first HM in October. I thought I'd built up gradually and so on, but obviously I got something wrong.

Anyone had experience of a stress fracture? What treatment (if any) did you have? Did you return to regular exercise?

I'm 39 and am very worried about what the consultant said today about slim women with irregular menstruation and its link to osteoporosis. I have taken the mini pill for years and am now using mirena coil. I haven't had periods since before conceiving DD about 6 years ago, and before that had a very irregular cycle, menstruating a couple of times a year. Was ALWAYS considered irrelevant by GPs. Any thoughts?

taxi4ballet Fri 07-Nov-14 23:05:32

Perhaps you could be referred for a DEXA scan - it will measure bone density now, which will be compared with the average for your age.

I know someone who ran the London Marathon with a stress fracture - he did it by tripping over an uneven stone while out running a couple of days before, and although it hurt like mad, he ran the marathon anyway. He only realised how bad it was when he sat down at the roadside after the race, and couldn't get up again!

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