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Where do those of you that exercise frequently buy your gear?

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sweetheart Wed 05-Nov-14 15:46:10

I exercise nearly every day - sometimes twice. In the course of a week I can get through probably 8 sets of exercise clothes. I like to make sure if I'm doing a workout I work up a nice sweat but this does mean that my clothes don't last long. Despite always washing them the same day they often still come out smelling and I currently need to replace nearly all of my stuff.

Where do you get yours? I replace fairly often so look for cheapest breathable stuff possible. I've tried buying more expensive stuff hoping it will last longer but it just doesn't.

Tanaqui Wed 05-Nov-14 21:45:36

Sports direct or tk maxx!

But try a bit of Zoflora (disinfectant) in where the fab cond should go, seems to keep stuff much better smelling!

frozenglitteryshit Wed 05-Nov-14 21:48:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pipbin Wed 05-Nov-14 21:49:55

MrsGolightly Wed 05-Nov-14 21:50:48


Mitchy1nge Wed 05-Nov-14 21:56:17

technical fabrics smell horrible to me even if you don't sweat much they always acquire permastench

I only replace stuff if I lose it or see something in a nicer colour scheme, and then I mooch about the internet seeing who is selling what I want for the least £££ seem to buy mostly saucony or nike clothes, the nike printed running tights or capris are my favourites, especially the striped ones

on top I use merino base layers and a jacket on top because can't feel much difference between outside and icy air conditioned gym

Mitchy1nge Wed 05-Nov-14 21:56:54

got some lovely colourful things from H&M for hot yoga

26Point2Miles Wed 05-Nov-14 22:41:38

There's a sports wash I see recommended a lot

Suzannewithaplan Wed 05-Nov-14 23:54:48

I use wiggle a fair bit, quite a lot of nike stuff, occasional sweaty betty but I find it overpriced, I search about all over the place when I'm in a browsing mood, book mark stuff I like the look of then umm and ahh before maybe buying something.

Like most people I have enough clothes for 2 or 3 lifetimes and I try to reisist buying more and more 'stuff'

I do like vibrams for running and some strength training sessions though and I'm a bit concerned they may stop making them so perhaps I should hoardconfused

gadgets are harder to resist, I mean you need a small family of garmins really, don't you?
and there's bound to be a more sophisticated heart rate monitor out that works out heart rate variability (whatever the fuck that is confused) and tells you exactly how stressed you are

Mitchy1nge Thu 06-Nov-14 06:51:49

I can't buy stuff from wiggle (or sports direct), anywhere that sells stuff for men and 'ladies' ugh

irrational but true!

Doyouthinktheysaurus Thu 06-Nov-14 07:32:57

I buy from wiggle.

I don't tend to replace stuff that often though. I run alone so I don't care that much if my stuff gets a bit wiffy after a whileblush

sweetheart Thu 06-Nov-14 09:18:52

Thanks all, maybe the answer is to start exercising alone lol

I currently do a lot of classes, PT session and the worst one is netball matches - getting up close and personal with people when you know you stink, especially with your arms aloft under the netball post lol

I've used Decathalon before but I don't find there stuff last very well. I've looked at the h&m stuff before but never brought it so I'll give that a try I think.

Never heard of Zoflora before, where can I buy that? Will it be ok with everyday washing? I tend to do 1 load of washing a day which will include the days stinking gear mixed in with all the usual stuff.

CMOTDibbler Thu 06-Nov-14 10:50:30

I buy cycling and the odd bit of running stuff from Wiggle, some from Decathlon, recently bits from Sweatshop, and some from Sports Direct.

I use Halo sports wash (I buy from Wiggle) on dhs disgusting cycling kit, my stuff, and ds's sports kit and none of it smells at all

Tanaqui Thu 06-Nov-14 17:07:43

Tbh I would wash sports stuff aeparately with bio powder and never fab cond as it helps smells cling! Zoflora in any supermarket, pound land, helps with the stinky baxteria!

sweetheart Thu 06-Nov-14 18:09:34

Hmmmm ok another you think it's better to:-
Wash exercise clothing ASAP in a normal load of washing with normal detergent
Wash exercise clothing all together in one load (which might mean it sitting around for a couple of days) with special detergent
Wash all mixed loads in a wash with mixed detergents?

Am I overthinking this lol

CMOTDibbler Thu 06-Nov-14 18:12:25

If you are throwing stuff away because it smells, better to do a specific wash every 3 days than washing ineffectively

Mitchy1nge Thu 06-Nov-14 18:18:34

wash mine separately but every day, especially now am wearing almost every bit of kit I own just to stay alive

but washing machine has a thing to only use the water that is needed (is prob standard?) so I don't think it's bad from that point of view

also there are only 2 people living here, and the other is a teen who does a bulk load once or twice a week

Suzannewithaplan Thu 06-Nov-14 19:20:58

I've not had any issues with sports kit washing, I must not be training hard enough to work up a proper sweatconfused

Degustibusnonestdisputandem Thu 06-Nov-14 19:22:38

Wiggle mostly. DH is a keen cyclist and we either wash our sports gear in tesco sports wash or add detttol anti bac stuff to normal wash

Tanaqui Thu 06-Nov-14 19:45:10

I wash all sweaty stuff separately but for at least 2 people so goes on every second day at least. Machine has special sports wash!!!

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Thu 06-Nov-14 21:44:48

I used to have a personal trainer who was very distressed about her genuinely smelly helly until she discovered the 40 degree button...grin

Seriously - wash at 40 with bio powder and some soda crystals if you live in a hard water area. I have 10 year old stuff that doesn't stink!

(I buy my stuff from decathlon and wiggle at the moment. My older stuff is more expensive and is Helly Hansen and Ronhill stuff, from Up and Running and Sweatshop. Some of it is berghaus. Some of my winter stuff is my ski baselayers).

Littlepumpkinpie Fri 07-Nov-14 00:06:11

All my sports stuff gets washed as soon as I return home from the gym. I use persil and wash at 40 or above none of it smells. I only wear Nike dri fit or Adidas clima cool. I can be drenched in sweat weather its a cardio or resistance day.

Vonnegut Fri 07-Nov-14 09:37:13

I recently bought three running jackets from Aldi (or maybe Lidl...?) and they wash a treat. I don't wash my jackets after every run, because I just don't think they need it. I wear a huge sports bra (Enell) and a full technical top (ie not a singlet) underneath, so there is quite a bit of 'barrier' between my sweaty bits and the jacket. I've been washing them after three runs, and that seems fine for me. Is that manky?

I buy technical leggings from Asda for £8-£10, and they also wash and dry well and in no time at all. I have boot cut ones and tights - both have a wee 'tech' pocket int the waistband for ipod or similar and they hold their shape really well for cheapies.

I've got loads of other technical gear (because I'm slightly addicted...) but these recent aquisitions have very much impressed me.

TexanKenDoll Fri 07-Nov-14 09:46:28

Better to buy the more expensive stuff as it lasts longer (if cared for). I do 8 training sessions over 6 days so has to work hard!

I wear Lulu Lemon, Lucas Hugh, Nike, Stella M for Adidas, Lorna Jane, T by Alexander wang and love the Nike Free runs (I love that you can personalise your trainers on their site). Used to buy Sweaty Betty but the quality has gone down I think.

Suzannewithaplan Fri 07-Nov-14 10:43:28

I think there's a lot of paying for the name with expensive stuff ‎hmm

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