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do calf strains 'come back'?

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Mitchy1nge Sun 02-Nov-14 17:46:20

(for clarity am a real hypochondriac)

but am aware of same niggly annoying horrible knotted feeling that preceded soleus strain about this time last year

am starting sessions with a rehabilitative PT to strengthen various supporting areas and reduce likelihood of recurrence but how bothered should I be? clearly have problems in that area, other leg has an irritable achilles, yet on calf flexibility tests there is no actual tightness as such

taxi4ballet Mon 03-Nov-14 00:24:35

Was the cause of the original problem ever found? Have you seen a podiatrist or an osteopath? You might have something which predisposes this, (such as the shape of your feet or ankles, and sometimes tightness/weakness in one part of the body can cause strains somewhere else as your body over-compensates). I'm definitely not an expert by the way, just have an dancer in the family!

Foxbiscuitselection Mon 03-Nov-14 00:33:27

Are you flat footed by any chance? Should you be wearing supports and have you had your gait checked?

Foxbiscuitselection Mon 03-Nov-14 00:36:08

How do you find walking first thing in the morning?

Mitchy1nge Mon 03-Nov-14 00:47:42

thanks everyone - on the other leg the achilles is yucky first thing but improves with exercise

um no, very high arches, have had various gait analyses (running physio and in sweatshop) and I run on my toes which probably doesn't help but at least it makes over pronation next to impossible, my heels rarely touch the ground, physio didn't think I had awful biomechanics or any need for orthotics because it improved when I pretty much stopped running, but my yoga instructor (actually two yoga instructors) and the personal trainer I had a trial session with last week all expressed concern about the degree of external (or is it internal? it is too turned out) rotation from the hip of that leg

maybe it's a hip flexor problem, sometimes it starts a lot further up the chain doesn't it?

Mitchy1nge Mon 03-Nov-14 00:52:03

physio just said it was overuse

I made a big change from running off road to on, got new shoes and increased the volume (not too quickly) at the same time so have always assumed it was the change in type and quantity of miles and the change of shoe

but have been careful to include road work all the way this time and reverted to the brand and type of road shoe I was ok in before

taxi4ballet Tue 04-Nov-14 10:09:18

Ah... high arches = tight achilles, according to dd's osteopath.

Mitchy1nge Tue 04-Nov-14 10:35:49

oh that's interesting, it makes sense too

I could do much much more by way of achilles stretches, vmo dips and other stuff I neglect. I could even make an appointment with my own foam roller. Instead of, y'know, just whingeing blush

Mitchy1nge Tue 04-Nov-14 10:39:13

don't think I mean vmo dips

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