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Fat lass needs to exercise

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WestEast Fri 31-Oct-14 00:26:25

Hello! Am after a bit of advice.

I'm a fat lass and I want/need to get fit/lose weight. I've lost 5 stone so far through eating better, I would like to lose another 4-5 stone, as this would make me a healthy weight. I also don't fancy the inevitable cardiac illness that would come my way if I don't shift my gut!

My fitness is pretty dire, the only exercise I get is a daily walk to and from work, about 3 miles total. But I've started a new job, and there's a council run leisure centre, with a gym and a pool, right next door! It's too good an opportunity to miss.

But I've never been to a gym, so what do I do?! Induction? What shoes? Can someone idiot guide me please!

Glastokitty Fri 31-Oct-14 00:36:56

I am also a fat lass who joined a gym four months ago. I joined a weight loss programme where I have a weekly personal training session, and have committed to doing an additional 100 minutes a week of cardio. I'm also on a diet, and although I have been slacking off terribly at weekends I have lost 2 stone so far, and am down 2 dress sizes (almost 3!). I really recommend getting a PT if you can afford it, it is really motivating and mine completely kicks my fat ass! I always seem to drop a pound the day after I see her! I've also found it really helpful to have the 100 mins a week target, and usually manage to do a bit more. My next challenge is to join a fitness class as the cardio can be pretty tedious! Good luck. oh and get someone to measure and weigh you (horrible as it is), as it is so true, some weeks if the scales don't move the tape measure inevitable does!

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