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How many sports bras do you have?

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Dragonlette Sun 26-Oct-14 21:32:52

If you're exercising a few times a week and have generous boobs, how many sports bras do you have? I currently have 1 but getting it washed and dried between classes is proving challenging (we don't have a tumble drier, the heating isn't on enough to dry clothes quickly, the weather isn't good enough to line dry).
So do I cough up the cash to buy another sports bra? Or should I just suck up washing and drying every time?

If I need to buy another one, can anyone recommend a good sports bra for large boobs (38GG)?

DraaaamaghAlpacaaaagh Sun 26-Oct-14 21:37:45

I have two, a Freya Active and a Shock Absorber. Both are equally good and pass the jump up and down test in that nothing moves when I run grin.

DHandhisghastlyhauntedfoot Sun 26-Oct-14 21:42:15

5 because I can never find the damn things.

Dragonlette Sun 26-Oct-14 21:43:40

Thanks. My current one doesn't quite pass the jump up and down test, possibly because it's quite old. So maybe I do need to buy another one, I'll try to find a cheapish one somewhere online.

Dragonlette Sun 26-Oct-14 21:44:29

I can't afford 5 shock. They're about £30 each!

Littlepumpkinpie Sun 26-Oct-14 23:48:01

I have 5 look on ebay you can pick up the top sports bras new with tags on for the fraction of the retail price. As for drying them I use one of those little airers and stick all under wear on peg it to shower rail open bath room window and they dry really quick.

Dragonlette Mon 27-Oct-14 08:33:32

I've just ordered 2 on eBay. I'd forgotten there might be cheaper ones on there. grin

Mitchy1nge Mon 27-Oct-14 10:55:54

I have 3, need new ones really because they go a bit baggy (or am shrivelling up with age shock) I find they dry pretty quickly but my house is severely overheated to hairdryer in your face type temps since joining the modern world and having central heating installed

2x shock absorber ultimate run bras and 1 other shock absorber, that is a different shape and comes in narrower band width and is a better fit but not so colourful. Life is cruel.

Miggsie Wed 29-Oct-14 15:03:22

5 are high impact shock absorbers for my cardio days and the other 5 are basic crop tops for my weight training days.

I always buy mine in sales.

DHandhisghastlyhauntedfoot Wed 29-Oct-14 16:51:38

Mine aren't £30, I get 2 for £8 from Home Bargains grin

crossparsley Wed 29-Oct-14 17:22:45

Currently, 2 plus 2 extreme bras (more below). Would ideally have 3 so I didn't have to do a teeny wash when there aren't a lot of other dirty clothes about (only two of us in the house).

For gym/anything with a little bit of running or bouncing, I love the Panache moulded one BUT you need to try it on (I take a cup size smaller than the Panache bras I have) AND they are expensive - £38. Once you know your size they are on ebay but - last time I looked - never less than £25ish.

If you need/want serious support I totally recommend Enell. I wear them for riding horses. If horses had tits I am sure they would glide like unicorns on skates, but they are oblivious, hoppity, Tiggery shits. Anyhow, Enells here for example are superb.

TheBigBumTheory Wed 29-Oct-14 17:44:30

I have one and never thought of having more than that. It washes and dries quickly and I only use it once a day at most. But then I do two loads of washing a day so a fast turnover.

doggydaft Wed 29-Oct-14 19:04:58

I have 3 (shock absorbers) and 3 yoga/crop tops that I wear on top grin My knockers are truly gargantuan though (34 hh) and I need both to strap 'em down blush

Dragonlette Wed 29-Oct-14 19:07:06

DH I assume you have a more normal/smaller size than me if you can get them that cheap. I need rather more serious scaffolding support. I can't even get a normal bra for £8, let alone a properly supportive sports bra. I wish I could.

cross those Enell bras look great but they don't seem to do my size. They say they're for bigger busted women, but their biggest size is still smaller than my cup size blush

I ordered 2 from ebay the other day, one shock absorber and one freya active. They both fit perfectly and I'm pleased with the bargain that is 2 sports bras for less than I would normally have to pay for one grin (still £15 each, but that's better than £30 each). 3 will be more than enough, even if they only get washed at weekends.

Happy36 Wed 29-Oct-14 20:00:40

I´ve got several as I wear one every day (for running or other exercise...not all day long). I´ve got some from M&S and some from a brand that begins with A and a few from Nike. I can´t wear a Shock Absorber as they don´t make my (very small) size but larger chested friends swear by them.

If you exercise frequently a second sports bra is a good investment.

CMOTDibbler Thu 30-Oct-14 22:16:10

Umm, 8 I think. 3 Tescos ones (amazingly good for £6 and they come in 32F for me), M&S crop top style (I hate it), zip front (cycling only), Freya (looks terrible but is fab), and some shock absorber ones.

I run 3 days a week, cycle at least twice, and ride, so I spend a lot of time in sports bras!

Edwige Sun 04-Jan-15 08:40:37

Mine came from TK Maxx. They cost about 6 each. I have about 5. I used to do a lot of sport.

NoMilkNoSugar Sun 04-Jan-15 08:46:52

Could you tell me please where stocks the shock absorber ones, do that I can try one on before buying?

Tanaqui Mon 05-Jan-15 21:03:20

Most department stores- John Lewis, house of Fraser both do. Also sweaty Betty, inter sport- but not sports direct.

NoMilkNoSugar Mon 05-Jan-15 22:10:22

Thank you!

Littlepumpkinpie Tue 06-Jan-15 00:10:40

Bravissimo have the largest selection if there's one near you and they will fit you properly

NCdAgain Tue 06-Jan-15 08:01:34

Smartwool PHD seamless racerback ones are awesome for the flatter-chested among us. The wool is very nice for not chafing/ not getting soggy and cold. I have had 2 for the last 18 months, run 4-5 times a week, rinse them after use and throw them in the washing machine about once a week, and they are still good.

Suzannewithaplan Tue 06-Jan-15 08:37:08

currently in use I have 3 truimph traction bras, they look more of a crop top style though-I am under endowed in the bosom department

CelticPromise Tue 06-Jan-15 09:53:54

I have two. Panache are the best. I used to be an Enell fan but Panache look much better. Enell sizes are weird. I had one when I was a 34 g and it was size 1 I think.

You can often get the Panache cheap in old colours on Brastop or My curves and me.

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