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Oct 2014 Shred Thread - because Christmas is still coming...

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yadahyadah Tue 30-Sep-14 21:52:59

... And this goose ain't planning on being fat. Don't fall off the exercise wagon just because the nights are drawing in. Join us in our adoration - and autumnal exasperation - with Jillian Michaels and her many ass kicking exercise programs.

ErrolTheDragon Tue 30-Sep-14 21:58:25

Blimey, where did september go? confused

ImogenQuy Tue 30-Sep-14 22:02:31

Marking place for the morning.

ImogenQuy Wed 01-Oct-14 07:07:11

Killer Abs L2 D2 done. Not too shabby this morning. This level doesn't seem to need as much co-ordination as L1 did even though the moves are harder on the core (also, weirdly, the inner thigh: my adductors, or whatever they're called, felt really achey after D1).

yadahyadah Wed 01-Oct-14 08:09:27

Body Revolution phase two cardio done. Feels like a breeze after the hectic metabolic workouts at the moment. I really need all my focus to get through those and feel i have done them well.

Anyway, I hope my motivation in Oct is a bit more consistent than it was in sept.

ShowMeTheWonder Wed 01-Oct-14 08:49:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ErrolTheDragon Wed 01-Oct-14 09:40:24

flowers Show - when you've got a demanding LO for sure sometimes you need to be kind to yourself. Fresh air and daylight are the best thing after a night like that.

ES&S L2 - quite enjoyed that. Took about an hour (and that was without bothering with cooldown) between having to replay quite a bit to work out what the heck some of the moves are, and stopping for breath/water - I tell myself this means it's HIIT, guess it is really. grin

Tangoandcreditcards Wed 01-Oct-14 09:43:21

Morning. 30DSL1D2 done. I'd forgotten how hard the 2nd day is, not looking forward to the ouchies tomorrow. Is harder now DS is on the move, I can't just plonk him in his bouncer and expect him to watch me flailing!

I know I'm so much better, especially on the cardio, than my first shred. Hoping to see similar results (although realise that isn't that likely). Going to try and hold off weighing/measuring until I've done the full 30.

ErrolTheDragon Wed 01-Oct-14 12:12:50

Tango well done! But I'm sure you remember that it gets better after the first 3-4 days - then just keep up your JM habit and you never need have quite such bad aches ever again. grin

TheProofIsInThePudding Wed 01-Oct-14 13:03:52

Hello! May I join you? I'm a bit of a newbie TTC#1 over on conception. I just ran my first half marathon at the weekend (go me!) But I have been neglecting Jillian for the past few months. Now the run is out of the way I can get on with TTC and my plan is to Shred in October and see how things go. L1 30DS done this morning, so I won't be able to use my arms tomorrow. Don't phone it in folks!

ErrolTheDragon Wed 01-Oct-14 13:19:57

Hello Proof - wow, go you indeed! All ages and stages of life and fitness most welcome! smile

WhizzPopBang Wed 01-Oct-14 13:52:36

Hi again! Thanks for the new thread... Well done everyone, I'm in awe of the advanced levels & 1/2 marathon running!

So 30DSL1D3 done... I've missed 3 days but to be fair on myself we've spent those 3 days humping furniture and boxes round whilst redecorating so I wasn't slumped on the sofa - and there was no room to move in our little flat. I upped the weights I was using today and it's made it nicely harder, I'll be aching tomorrow.

Thanks for the info on the various other JM workouts by the way - think I'll stick with the basic shred for now & see how I get on.

Lambzig Wed 01-Oct-14 19:43:39

Hello all, thanks for the new thread. Body Rev, week 3, workout 4 second time done this morning. Quite pleased with myself for managing 5 workouts in 6 days this week.

Tomorrow is going to be tricky as I have a friend coming back to mine for coffee after the school run (yay, I finally have a friend in the town we moved to a year ago) and it's going to be hard to motivate myself after that early morning opportunity is lost.

If anyone can give me tips on getting those tight (rubber/silicon?) swimming hats on a small wriggly girl without both of you being reduced to tears, I would be grateful for help. DDs swim school has issued them and we had a nightmare today.

yadahyadah Wed 01-Oct-14 20:10:52

lambzig talcum powder helps them go on apparently. I switched to the fabric hats because it just got too stressy stretching those dratted silicon ones over their heads.

Lambzig Wed 01-Oct-14 20:57:38

Thanks yadah will try that. They have to have the hideous uniform silicon ones.

ErrolTheDragon Wed 01-Oct-14 21:21:19

YY talc, and plaited hair so that's not all flopping around too. This is the sort of task that reminds me of The String Bag and Octopus Guide to Parenting .

whizz - I think we all started with the shred, I did it twice before doing ripped in 30 a couple of times, then shred again before trying other stuff. And this year after summer hols back to shred for a week on each level to get me back into it after 3 weeks off JM. Def stick to it for as long as you feel it suits you, and it's nice to come back to and find you can do more natalie or bigger weights or whatever. smile

Tangoandcreditcards Wed 01-Oct-14 22:09:24

I've not even got in bed yet and everything already aches. Even my hair hurts (but that might just be the thought of a rubber swimming hat lambzig).

Steeling myself for the morning.

ErrolTheDragon Wed 01-Oct-14 22:35:12

Muscle aches mean they're going to be stronger in a few days time.

yadahyadah Thu 02-Oct-14 07:56:07

Agh, another (milder) cold that I was determined to exercise through until I was awoken at 4.45am by the double team younger two. One of whom is a thrasher and the other who is suffering from year 1 transision induced restless mind and lies awake next to me whispering to himself. So no sleep for me means I cannot do it this morning, I am too addled and trying not to lose it with everyone in that charmless sleep deprived way. Agh. Do it for me, everyone else.

ImogenQuy Thu 02-Oct-14 07:58:18

Sorry, yadah, I came on to say I'm having an exercise fail day today too! I was out late last night and just couldn't get up this morning. Back to it tomorrow.

Tangoandcreditcards Thu 02-Oct-14 09:08:50

I thought it was fear leaving the body, errol ? wink

Day 3 done. Hope you have restful rest-days those who need them.

TheProofIsInThePudding Thu 02-Oct-14 09:30:22

Day 2 30DS L1. Cardio - easy peasy! And it's so short! But the weights... oh dear. I'm having to substitute a plank on my elbows instead of push ups because my pathetic wrists are hurting (they were hurting a couple of days before I even started the shred in anticipation!)

Rest days are important too, yadah and Imogen - just watch out for when Jillian comes knocking on your door for the quarter test! (Which DVD is that?!) wink

ShowMeTheWonder Thu 02-Oct-14 10:43:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ErrolTheDragon Thu 02-Oct-14 11:59:43

ES&S l2 done. Not sure how many days I'll do this for - maybe next week too.

proof - I'd almost forgotten that I used to find shred/ripped hard on the wrists, they don't seem to suffer now (still can't do a full pushup but it's not my wrists that fail me!). Anything that requires weight on my hands I have them on the mat which is itself on carpet... perhaps more cushioning might help? One other thing I used to do for some moves was to use a pair of dumbells (not too small, octagonal type that dont roll) as 'handles' to allow straight wrists. But elbow planks are no joke, not a soft alternative!

WhizzPopBang Thu 02-Oct-14 15:56:58

Thanks for the encouragement Errol - definitely aiming for more Natalie and less Anita in the future! This is the first time I've attempted exercise at home & I'm enjoying it.

I always thought rest days were essential with exercise? I used to have a trainer and she always said rest days were when your muscles repaired themselves & got stronger. Sounds good anyway.. So those of you on a rest day, there's good stuff happening.

Anyway day 4 of level 1 completed grin

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