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Bike recommendations for unfit non-cyclist

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CrackerSnacker Tue 29-Jul-14 09:26:44

Hi all, I am planning on getting a bike through the Cycle to Work scheme but am quite clueless. Going to have a look in some local cycle shops this week but would like to have a bit of an idea what to look at.

I'm 5'8 and want something quite light. Primarily will be using on cycle trails in local forest with DD. Haven't cycled properly for 10 yes and when I hired one on holiday last yr, it hurt my bum/nethers so much, it put me off buying one last summer (as I'd planned).

So, any recommendations/suggestions re: bike please. I understand padded shorts are good too. And a rear carrier for my car - any to avoid?

Emmylou717 Tue 29-Jul-14 09:34:06

I have a specialized hardrock ladies MTB which I love. The best thing is to go to a shop and try sitting on some. Different bikes have different geometries which make them more or less comfy depending on your body.

In terms of it hurting your nether regions - avoid gel seat covers - it was a revolution when I stopped using one. I find a narrower saddle more comfy. Padded shorts are a godsend. But ultimately you just need to get used to it. The first few rides are always the worst!

MrsWolowitz Tue 29-Jul-14 09:36:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Emmylou717 Tue 29-Jul-14 09:40:01

Oh just a note - through most cycle to work schemes you can get accessories too.

When I got my road bike (Trek) I also got a new bike pump, a helmet, lights, lock, waterproof jacket and gloves.

CrackerSnacker Tue 29-Jul-14 19:58:32

Great - thank you for the advice. Good to know about accessories too - helmet and bike rack will definitely be ordered too. Will head to my local shop this week to try out a few. Any more brands to recommend?

JoffreyBaratheon Fri 08-Aug-14 13:08:23

I have a Cannondale Quick CX hybrid and love it. Also a Pashley but that's a heavy, old fashioned steel bike so a bit of an acquired taste and not for the fainthearted...

The Cannondale is light, handles brilliantly, disk brakes, 24 gears - and a million times better than any bike I rode in the 70s or 80s. (I had more than ten years away from cycling, as I lived in Birmingham which was not a bike friendly place at that time - too many near misses with maniac drivers).

I love my Cannondale - easily the best bike I have ever ridden. It's a hybrid which means it is a bit like a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike and can go on slightly rougher tracks, not just smooth tarmac or roads. I find that to be a perfect compromise as mountain bikes are very slow on the road and a racing bike wasn't what I wanted when I first returned to cycling.

Dutch hybrids like Gazelle are very good - they look heavy and clumpy - but aren't. Whatever you do, ask to test a bike before you buy. And don't settle for the saddle it comes with if you have bum problems - try out other people's bikes with different saddles. I changed the stock Cannondale saddle (which was agony for me but perfect for my husband) for a Brooks B17. And that is perfect for me. Also, try adjusting the saddle til you get it how you like it.

goldrabbit Fri 08-Aug-14 13:15:12

You can spend up to a grand so do get your accessories too

Make sure any lock you get is one approved by any bike insurance you get

A hybrid would be perfect for you.

Regarding sore bum - you will basically kill off the nerve endings so keep at it!

Chillycamper Thu 28-Aug-14 23:43:33

Hi Cracker
Did you take the plunge? What did you choose?

I got a bike through cycle to work last minute and just accepted the chap's recommendation on the phone much to DH's amusement.
"Disc brakes? Why do you need them?"
"Dave said they were better."
"We'll he would. he's a salesman...."

Yesterday a lovely Specialized sports disc hybrid bike arrived with accessories. It's fab. It GLIDES. It's like there's no friction in the wheels. So much nicer than the old halfords I was riding. It's most unlike me to splash the cash on something for me. Just need to figure out how to use all those gears now..

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