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Zombies 5k

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MagpieMama Mon 28-Jul-14 14:57:52

Has anyone done this? I did the first one today and not sure when I'm meant to run slow/run fast/walk.
It's more entertaining that just running with music though!

EauRouge Mon 28-Jul-14 17:06:59

Do you mean the Zombies Run app? I might give it a go sometime. I quite fancy doing one of those races where people dressed as zombies chase you but they are so expensive.

MagpieMama Mon 28-Jul-14 17:20:09

I think there's a few different ones but this one is called 'Zombies 5k'.

I'd love to do ones of those zombie runs as well, they look like great fun!

MollyBdenum Mon 28-Jul-14 17:32:36

I did it. I really loved the 5k app and developed a massive crush on Sam. At the start you walk And run fairly slowly during the running bits. After the first couple of weeks you start getting chased by zombies which tends to make you speed up a bit.

ComfortablySatOnAMarshmallow Mon 28-Jul-14 17:35:31

Oooh, I only discovered this yesterday. Haven't done it but would love to give it a try. It's not on my phone yet though. I read various reviews which indicated people had trouble getting the music/instructions right, so thought I'd give it to DP to sort out hmmgrin

Were the instructions not clear enough, or not loud enough?

MollyBdenum Mon 28-Jul-14 17:50:30

The instructions were fine - they are the story. It can only use certain music players though which might be the problem, and you can't use steamed music which is annoying.

MagpieMama Mon 28-Jul-14 18:05:16

The music works fine on mine (iPhone).
Thanks for clearing that up Molly, I think I was running more than I was
meant too, no wonder I was so exhausted!
I've only done the first one but already have a crush on Sam too!

ComfortablySatOnAMarshmallow Mon 28-Jul-14 18:25:10

Ok, I'm going to sort this out this evening.

I'm looking forward to meeting Sam grin

MollyBdenum Tue 29-Jul-14 21:49:07

So how are you all doing, Runner Five(s)?

MagpieMama Wed 30-Jul-14 15:55:38

Just got in from a run! Think I over did it on the 10 minute free run but really enjoyed it and feel great grin

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