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Broken ankle totally non weight bearing - what exercises *can* I do

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leadrightfoot Sat 26-Jul-14 10:19:43

Bit of a gym bunny usually do combat, boot camp, circuits, general strength classes, Grit classes, kettle bells, running ever week. Foo barred ankle ripping tendon from bone and a chunk of bone with it oh boy don't I do things well when I want to?

So far been REALLY good for the 4 days and counting and kept off it but surely there is something exercise wise I can do for the ridiculously long amount of time I have to non weight bear? Can't drive so has to be home based and don't have equipment at home (happy to buy some) as usually just mosey on up the gym.

So all ideas gratefully received my list so far consists of sit ups with a 2l bottle of water held above my head! Not quite the 8kg kettle bell I use but hey!

Thank you!

NorbertDentressangle Sat 26-Jul-14 10:22:46

Are you allowed to be up and about on crutches (providing no weight goes through your ankle) ? If so merely walking about gives you quite an upper body work out.

I had lovely defined arms and shoulders after I broke my ankle!

leadrightfoot Sat 26-Jul-14 10:29:56

Yes can "walk" on crutches but for more than about 15 mins and my foot swell up ....

leadrightfoot Sat 26-Jul-14 10:31:47

Swells (poxy apple autocorrect) apologies

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