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Shin splints?

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FernArable Wed 23-Jul-14 08:07:25

I got a really bad pain in my right shin after my run last Monday but to be honest it had been niggling for a while and I ignored it. It still isn't better and the pain is coming and going it's not unbearable and there is no swelling or tenderness to touch.
Would you go to the doctors about it? I've stopped running but walk a lot so haven't exactly been resting it. I'm anxious to get back out!

addictedtosugar Wed 23-Jul-14 20:57:15

I got what I believed to be shin splints recently.
It was fine when I sat still, bearable when walking, and excruciating when running.
I ended up with ice after the run that was really bad, and had support for 3-4 days at work, when I had not choice but to walk about.
I rested as much as I could for about a week, but did toe flexing (ie point toes as far as possible, then pull toes up as much as possible - from sitting initially. Trying to do standing now), then a couple of 2-3km walks, before a 4km run about 10 days after I was crippled by them - I too carried on thinking exercise it out of the system. Mistake! seem to be fine now.
I also swam after about a week of rest, which was uncomfortable, but better than weight baring.

Hope your feeling better soon

FernArable Thu 24-Jul-14 08:42:54

Thank you addicted I think I'll do the exercises you suggested and see how it goes.

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