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London to Hastings ride

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jollygoodthen Sat 19-Jul-14 15:02:09

aka The Magical History tour, aka Wen to Wen. This is an ambitious ride I'm planning for the 3rd & 30th of August. There is a blog post here which describes it in detail, but briefly: ~84 miles. Hilly. Only happening if it's not raining (there are rain check days, see blog post).

This is not for charity; it's just for fun. If you consider this sort of thing to be fun. It's not a race.

I have no idea of numbers. Perhaps just a handful; perhaps more, if many people wake up that day and decide carpe diem, to Hastings I hasten!; perhaps it'll just be me.

Who am I? Here's an overview. If you are thence reassured this isn't a setup so that I may lead the group into a trap I've set in deepest darkest Far East Sussex to enslave the lot of you to my dark ends, which would probably involve press-ganging you to fill the potholes the council can't be bothered with, I hope that you will give this ride your every consideration.


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