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Tough mudder 2014, who did it? Tough mudder 2015, who's up for it?

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McBear Mon 14-Jul-14 11:13:38

So DDs DF did tough mudder this year and made it look pretty easy. If you were there, I was the spectator covered in mud after the knob I was spectating decided to give me a bear hug after the mudslides!

I'm fairly certain I want to do it next year. Anyone else game???

McBear Mon 14-Jul-14 14:42:34

McBear Mon 14-Jul-14 20:50:47

Seriously, no one???

WeDONTneedanotherhero Fri 18-Jul-14 12:36:02

McBear, I'm seriously tempted. I've been saying for years I want to do it and have never got my ass in gear to train. Now ive finished uni i'm really considering it.

McBear Fri 18-Jul-14 13:03:53

Oooh what course? I'm so very tempted. I talked about switching up my regime last week tho and I haven't even managed to get to the gym!

I'll do it if you do it? grin

WeDONTneedanotherhero Fri 18-Jul-14 13:15:56

I live on the south coast so this is my closest, where abouts are you?

McBear Fri 18-Jul-14 13:27:04

I meant which course at UNi blush

I thought there was only one in the uk. I'm Northampton so Kettering is my closest

McBear Fri 18-Jul-14 13:31:43

Oh. It actually looks like they don't have one in Kettering next year shock

WeDONTneedanotherhero Fri 18-Jul-14 13:55:34

Haha, I did a social work BA.

Noooooo. I wonder if they release more dates as this year goes on.

McBear Fri 18-Jul-14 15:36:42

I'm not sure. I'm thinking maybe I should be willing to travel for it?!

I'll email them to ask grin

Ooooh. Have you got a place of work lined up? I'm going to start looking into whether I can transfer my psychology degree into some base for social work!

WeDONTneedanotherhero Fri 18-Jul-14 16:48:10

Yeah, luckily I've walked straight in to a job working with children who have been sexually exploited, sounds odd but its my dream job.

Oooo exciting. I honestly couldnt imagine working in any other field. God that sounds cheesy grin

McBear Fri 18-Jul-14 17:30:29

Fuck being cheesy! You've achieved the ultimate! Most people hate their jobs and wish for what you have grin

WeDONTneedanotherhero Fri 18-Jul-14 18:01:18

Thanks smile

Right I'm going to do it.

My training plan to start is

Mon AM- run PM- yoga

Tues AM - run PM - Shred lv1

Weds AM - run PM - Shred lv2

Thurs AM - run PM - night off

Fri AM - run PM - shred lv2

Sat AM - run PM - yoga

Sun AM - run PM - Tough mudder training

The runs will be varying distances and pace.

I'm all over this

McBear Fri 18-Jul-14 20:09:58

Ooof. Seems like a lot of training. 2 x a day shock

I was just gonna go the gym 3/4 times a week. Start at 2k and increase steadily and do weights... blush

WeDONTneedanotherhero Fri 18-Jul-14 20:21:21

<whispers> I've got nearly 6 stone to lose (I blame uni lol).

Doing the monkey bars the size I am is NOT going to happen grin

McBear Fri 18-Jul-14 20:24:40

I think you'll lose that in a week with that amount of exercise shock

foreverlexicon Sat 19-Jul-14 05:45:14

I'm doing one on the 17th August.

Slightly terrified! The only real training I've done is running as I didn't run when I entered it. Up to 9 miles now.

But I ride horses for a living and pole dance/do aerial silks so I'm pretty strong.

McBear Sat 19-Jul-14 08:40:10

Oooh where's that one forever?

Yes DDs DF said upper body strength is extremely important and you should be able to run 20k ideally.

Sounds like you're ready grin

MrsWolowitz Sat 19-Jul-14 14:26:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JennyOnTheBlocks Sat 19-Jul-14 14:31:30


Check out The Suffering at Rockingham Castle, lots of different distances over fantastic course

I've not done it myself, but friends and family have.

WeDONTneedanotherhero Sun 20-Jul-14 21:31:04

Well training is on hold for a week i've damaged my trapezius (it wasnt even a bloody excercise related injury).

fledtoscotland Mon 21-Jul-14 11:01:40

Well I'm a wuss and am going to set my sights on the local 5k muddy obstacle course next May.

McBear Mon 21-Jul-14 18:43:16

Definitely gonna look at the rockingham one!!! If it's before the next TM I'll be able to check if I'm woman enough wink

A weeks not too bad. If it helps I didn't get chance to go at all last week. grin

Is that local one in Scotland, by any chance?

DDs DF has put up some muscly beautiful pics up on Facebook of him doing it. I'm pining confused

fledtoscotland Mon 21-Jul-14 19:03:18

Mcbear - yes it's just near Kilmarnock

McBear Mon 21-Jul-14 19:10:35

Wish it was local to me... It sounds doable wink

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