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Racing through the threads - runners thread number 5

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Sirzy Sun 18-May-14 20:26:20

Thread for all runners no matter how slow or inexperienced you are.

Last thread can be found here

contortionist Sun 18-May-14 20:31:49

I bought a new pair of running shoes a couple of weeks ago, and the salesman suggested I do some off-road running to reduce the chance of injury from repetitive identical movements. Is that standard advice?

Anyway, I gave it a go yesterday and ran 3km through some nearby woods as part of a longer run. I found it really difficult - I kept going down dead-ends or getting stuck in overgrown areas and having to double-back on myself. It was quite fun, but generally felt I didn't establish much of a rhythm or flow.
Any tips from more experienced off-readers? (Other than looking at a map before setting off!)

OhOneOhTwoOhThree Sun 18-May-14 21:10:17

Just marking my spot, thank you Sirzy for the new thread smile

contortionist I run in a local country park and some of the paths are off-road. I like to mix things up, but I am slower on the trails than on the pavement. DH tends to run off-road because he has bad knees (caused by years of hard exercise on hard surfaces) and needs a softer surface.

SoftKittyWarmKitty Sun 18-May-14 21:19:13

I've got woods near me Contortionist so might start running them as part of my overall training, although I know I'll get a few 'you'll get attacked' comments if I tell friends or colleagues that's what I'm going to do hmm.

I need to start upping my distance I think but as I use Runkeeper, I can't see my distance as I run (keep phone in a zip pocket in my running trousers), which means I have to work out my route online before I go. I really need to invest in a Garmin when I get paid.

cinnamongreyhound Sun 18-May-14 21:28:13

Previous total was 807.6, plus Sirzy and Melliebobs races and ambernectarines 5 miles and orangefluties 4 miles from previous thread, I make it 829

Running on tracks rather than roads are definitely easier on the joints contortionist but tougher to run on so usually slower times.

CQ Sun 18-May-14 21:28:18

Kitty doesn't Runkeeper have a setting so that it tells you each time you've done a mile? I use MapmyRun and it does that. Really annoyingly. grin

Hi contortionist I think you've had good advice. My DS's physio has been saying similar things to him - the large muscles get very strong but the small supporting muscles can easily become weak unless you challenge them by things like wobble boards and running on uneven ground. If these muscles stay weak then when you turn on your ankle you risk a much more serious injury.

Trail running is much more patchy IMO than road running - but more fun and easier on the joints.

DotToDott Sun 18-May-14 21:28:51

Hi everyone, I was a bit of a lurker on the old thread, i'm going to try to be more active on this one.

I ran my first race today- 5k Race for Life in 43.03, slow i know but it's 3 minutes faster than my previous PB.

It was muddy and more off-road than i am used to, combined with all the jostling and uneven pace that comes with having to dodge in and out of other runners, i was expecting slower.

contortionist even running on a grass verge or dirt trail rather than road would make a difference i think, you don't need to be getting yourself lost in the woods wink

Sirzy Sun 18-May-14 21:36:19

Well done dot to dot

My runkeeper tells me how far I have gone every 5 minutes and my pace

originalpiratematerial Sun 18-May-14 21:36:25

Thanks for the new thread, Sirzy, and for totting up the new total, cinnamon!

Morrigu Sun 18-May-14 21:49:31

Big well done to Sirzy and melliebobs. I don't know how on earth you did it running in that heat.

Kitty if you go into settings on runkeeper you can set audio cues. I have mine set for pace and time every km and 5mins. I did however order a garmin earlier today as I'm getting sick of lugging my phone about with me. I got the basic forerunner 10 as I have no use for heart monitor. Promised myself one once I finished c25k but bought the kids something instead with the money as you do so this is my belated present to me.

melliebobs Sun 18-May-14 22:20:41

Oooo sirzy I missed you out. Well done on today's race smile

kitty my garmin was the best £70-80 I've spent. And I got it from tesco, so got me points too grin I rely on it so much now. Maybe a bit too much

SoftKittyWarmKitty Sun 18-May-14 22:28:40

I know you can set Runkeeper to talk to you but I can't really hear it as my phone is resting against my backside grin. I hate using earphones. Think I'm going to have to order a Garmin after payday. Just need to look for a good deal now.

feetheart Sun 18-May-14 23:29:40

Huge well done to those racing in the midday heat. I went out at 9.30am and it was the hottest run I've ever done.
Thought I'd better give it a go as I have a number of runs coming up and wanted to see how I would cope in the heat - did 5.3 miles in 54 mins (55.4% age-grading) and although it felt tough I was pleased with the time.
Lovely to run somewhere different as we were camping in Suffolk. Back there again next w/e (thank you to Mr bloody Gove and his fining nonsense I had to bring DC back for the week angry though we left DH there) and I'm going to try parkrun for first time smile
Anyone in Norfolk? Going to Fritton Lake as its the closest.

feetheart Sun 18-May-14 23:34:25

Adding 3.1 for DotToDott and 5.3 from me brings the total to


Looking good for 1500 smile

TessTackle Mon 19-May-14 00:32:52

Checking in from cab back to hospital. DD v unwell, have another thread somewhere x

feetheart Mon 19-May-14 00:34:31

Oh Tess, sending lots of positive thoughts (and un-MN hugs) your way.
Take care

KristinaM Mon 19-May-14 02:45:01

Hope your DD is ok tess

DotToDott Mon 19-May-14 05:28:56

Sorry to hear about your DD Tess. I hope she is ok.

MelanieCheeks Mon 19-May-14 06:31:13

Well done all of you ran sensibly in the heat, and hope DD is OK, Tess.

cinnamongreyhound Mon 19-May-14 06:59:04

I hear endomondo from my bum pocket SoftKittyWarmKitty might be worth a try if you don't have the money for a garmin at the moment. I do run in the forest so may be quieter than where you run.

Fritton lake is, I guess, about an hour from me feetheart, my friend did her swim prep for he triathlon in the lake otherwise I'd probably have never heard of it though!

So sorry to hear that TessTackle, keep us posted.

AmberNectarine Mon 19-May-14 08:14:08

Tess, I've posted on your thread but just wanted to say in thinking of you.

Advice please folks. I've got two 10ks this week, hoping for sub-65 in one or both. First is weds, second Sun. What, if anything, should I do before/in between? I ran 5 miles last night which was pleasantly easy, in spite of the heat. I tried really hard to pace myself and not shoot off too fast and managed it in 51.30, so hopefully am on track for sub-65. Won't run today but should I do anything tomorrow? Have access to a gym at work. Also should I run between the races?

This is typical me, first 10k and I schedule two for the same week!!

cinnamongreyhound Mon 19-May-14 08:24:23

I wouldn't run te day before a race personally and usually do a slow 4 miles on the Thursday morning and that's it before a Sunday race so I think you'd be perfectly sensible to do nothing in between.

Did you have the x-Ray in the end OhOneOhTwoOhThree, sorry if missed that!

KristinaM Mon 19-May-14 10:48:34

Amber -I'd do

Monday -20 mins easy
Tuesday -rest
Wednesday -10k race
Thursday -rest
Friday - 20 mins easy or easy fartlek
Saturday -rest
Sunday -10k race

Remember there is nothing you can do now to improve your fitness. The short 20 mins runs are just to stop your legs getting stiff.

Eat and drink properly this week and get lots of sleep.

Sounds like you are in good shape. Good luck

SoftKittyWarmKitty Mon 19-May-14 11:13:10

I'm starting to increase my distance a bit so did 3.8 miles the morning, including a couple of pretty steep uphill sections which I part walked. That brings us to 841.2.

Sirzy Mon 19-May-14 11:13:30

Feeling suprisingly good today, just a slightly achy knee - no suprise it has given me jip siince i was 13 - but used some of the 'biofreeze' we got free in the finishers pack and its great!

Amber, good luck trying to do 2 10k in a week!

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