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Anyone seen results from swimming post pregnancy for weight loss/toning?

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kerry85 Fri 04-Apr-14 07:58:22

Since having my little one I've lost 2 stone. I could do to loose another 7-9 lb
I joined the gym 2 months ago and have been going 3 times a week for an hour each time.
However I'm starting to get a bit bored of the gym but I've really enjoyed a swim over the past couple of weeks.

I want to know if I'll get weight loss and toning results from swimming? (I'm healthy eating as well and counting calories to loose weight)

I do feel fitter from going to the gym but I'm not feeling or looking toned yet... Hoping swimming will help??


capercaillie Fri 04-Apr-14 08:05:28

Yes I have - you have to swim fairly hard though. Aim to do a reasonable number of lengths and be out of breath during your swim. A lot of people don't push themselves swimming so don't see results. Also do different strokes if you can or some drills (eg kicking with a float ).

Combined with pilates or similar then it's fantastic for stomach toning.

Well done on weight loss!

kerry85 Fri 04-Apr-14 08:12:36

Thank you smile

I manage about 28 lengths in 30 mins so going to build it up from there.
Going to buy some goggles today, as a wear contact lenses so I'll be able to do more than just breast stroke!

capercaillie Fri 04-Apr-14 14:15:56

Definitely buy goggles! And possibly a swimming cap if you can bear it - it makes a big difference to the state of hair and less likely to smell of chlorine!

Try and do a few faster lengths or vary pace as well - with a few seconds/ minute break in between. You'll be amazed at how all your swimming improves.

bekind Fri 04-Apr-14 21:09:08

Thanks for the prompt, I need to do some more drills and vary my stroke,

gordonpym Tue 08-Apr-14 06:30:49

I did my lifeguard certification right after DS2 birth and I can guarantee you can get a very toned body in a swimming pool. If a course is starting near you, why not enroll? It's a new skill you may use one day.
You're with a team and you are forced to swim hard and fast!

amanda966 Sun 14-Feb-16 21:43:39

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