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Parkrunners anonymous keep on running

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OhOneOhTwoOhThree Sat 29-Mar-14 23:49:38

As the last thread was filling up, here's a nice new one for parkrunners old and new smile

All parkrunners are welcome here!

thenightsky Sat 29-Mar-14 23:51:09

thanks for new thread 1.

OhOneOhTwoOhThree Sun 30-Mar-14 00:04:32

Good to see you nightsky, I always worry I will end up on my own smile

ThursdayLast Sun 30-Mar-14 02:10:00

I'm joining this one early if no one objects?
Seems like DS is punishing me for my PB today by helping me see in Mothers Day. Thanks son

OhOneOhTwoOhThree Sun 30-Mar-14 02:18:23

Of course noone objects Thursday <bless your little boy> <just wait until they are big enough not to want to be seen with you, especially if that involves embarrassing situations like being outside the house, let alone running>

ThursdayLast Sun 30-Mar-14 02:21:16

grin OhOne
So many lovely families running together at our parkrun, can't wait to drag DS along with me one day!

OhOneOhTwoOhThree Sun 30-Mar-14 02:23:34

My teenagers are very good at finding reasons not to parkrun with me. This week's included needing to do homework and tidying their bedrooms. That puts me well and truly in my place smile

CoffeeBucks Sun 30-Mar-14 02:38:04

Hello! I got a new pb for Parkrun yesterday at 32.01, edging ever closer to a sub 30. Hopefully I'll crack it soon. I'm also visiting my parents at Easter so will be checking out their local Parkrun, which is a bit hillier but a nice route. And in a park which I've not visited since well before I left home -can't even remember the last time I was there.

There are quite a few families at my Parkrun, which is nice. I just wish I didn't get overtaken by youngsters! envy

EauRouge Sun 30-Mar-14 07:51:00

Hello! I won't be running for a couple of weeks but I can fill you all in on my amazing marshalling skills grin

I'm up for a bit of tourism now that spring is here!

holmessweetholmes Sun 30-Mar-14 08:00:28

Hello! Did my first Parkrun for a few weeks. It was hard work! Am determined to get my 50 t-shirt before I move house in the summer - there's no Parkrun near where I'll be living sad.

ThursdayLast Sun 30-Mar-14 09:24:02

I'm going to do the Southend parkrun in the summer. It's description contains the magic word...flat!
Anyone here done it?
My local one is basically half down, then up up up

cinnamongreyhound Sun 30-Mar-14 12:22:44

Hello, I'm with you too OhOneOhTwoOhThree!

Standingonlego Sun 30-Mar-14 15:10:08

Hello - found you smile New thread, new month, new leaf turned over and putting running back on the agenda as of tomorrow smile

Blatherskite Sun 30-Mar-14 15:42:11

Yey a new thread. As Lego asked on the old one, I'll share my PB on this shiney, new thread - I did 25:33 grin

The crazy, we're-not-sure-you'll-do-this target they gave me was 25:30 so I was chuffed to bits - and totally knackered! Previous PB was 26:24 so I knocked a nice big chunk off. Guess I need to start working on sub 25 now!

I think I might go and visit Conkers parkrun next week now the craziness of the 5k Improvers course is over. I'm actually considering re-jigging hotel plans for our Easter break holiday so that I can run Bodmin parkrun too. I think I may be a little obsessed blush

Blatherskite Sun 30-Mar-14 15:44:14

Ooh, and we got a course record of 503 runners yesterday!! It must be the warmer weather bringing them all out!

ThursdayLast Sun 30-Mar-14 17:06:17

Blathers, the Bodmin parkrun is at Lanhydrock a NT property - it's my local!

Blatherskite Sun 30-Mar-14 17:15:09

Ooh is it? Are you going to be around on the 12th? smile

Is it hard to find? I tried to do Barnstaple parkrun when we were on holiday last year but couldn't find it! I need to talk to Mum as she's coming with us but if she doesn't mind looking after the kids, I'm rather tempted to try finding it.

I was considering taking the kids to the Eden project afterwards. Do you think it would be any good for a 7 and 4 year old?

ThursdayLast Sun 30-Mar-14 17:28:13

Yeah easy peasy, just off the A30 and well signposted.
I plan to do all parkrun unless something comes up in the middle of the week, its my new standing thing grin so if you want give me a shout!
The park is big so plenty of room for kids to run around while they wait for you.
Eden Project v popular with kids of all ages, my nieces are younger but they love it. I love the tropical biome smile

Blatherskite Sun 30-Mar-14 17:41:32

Right, will check with Mum and get the hotels changed/booked. Means I'm doing a new parkrun rather than missing one which is nice. It's a long way from home so not somewhere I'm likely to be very often and I should make the most of it.

I'll give you a shout when I know for definite that I'm coming. OhOne can vouch that I'm not a hairy handed trucker wink

Oooh, I love parkrun tourism grin

Blatherskite Sun 30-Mar-14 17:42:44

Yikes! I just saw this as I scrolled up - "My local one is basically half down, then up up up"

I won't be doing 25 minutes that weekend then! grin

ThursdayLast Sun 30-Mar-14 18:22:45

Hahaha, don't write yourself off yet!
There's a lovely downhill stretch to the finish line grin

cinnamongreyhound Sun 30-Mar-14 19:02:40

I wanted to go the parkrun where we were on holiday last year but I was injured so couldn't sad

OhOneOhTwoOhThree Sun 30-Mar-14 19:06:40

Vouching for Blathers' real life loveliness smile. Well done on a cracking PB as well.

OhOneOhTwoOhThree Sun 30-Mar-14 19:08:20

Eau, lego and Blathers - speaking of tourism, shall we try to fix up a date for a Bedford meet-up?

Blatherskite Sun 30-Mar-14 19:11:19

Oh good smile

MK is famous for it's switchbacks amongst other things. A nasty hill at about 2.5k that is the wheelchair access from the car park to the highest point of the park that switches back on itself 4 times before the top. It's all downhill or flat from then on in though.

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