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Mini Triathlon in 10 days, no training - what can I do to get through it?

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Thisisnotworking Wed 26-Mar-14 10:21:13

Hi [wave]
I am a triathlon newbie, only done the running bit (3km) as a team two weeks ago. But i enjoyed it so much, I would love to make this "my thing". I have done some walking/running and was fine running the 3km with some slow bits. It normally takes me 1km to warm up and get going properly...
So there is a mini tri (250m/7km/2km) on Sunday 06. April. I would really really like to do it! But I couldnt do much exercise after the the last tri, as I had a bad reaction to a new cheap china shit bathing suit. Rash is now under control and I can do some running/cycling/ swimming training.
I guess I am reasonably fit for an irregular exerciser IYKWIM, but will be huffing and puffing through the whole thing. I am just wondering what training I should be doing in the next few days?? What do you do 10 days before a tri? All I want is to finish it grin

stuckindamiddle Wed 26-Mar-14 10:28:08

I'd just concentrate on getting all your kit sorted and your bike in top nick. If swimming is a weakness for you then squeeze in a couple of swims and practice technique.
Ten days isn't enough for any real training. Get a couple of easy, steady runs in to refresh your muscle memory. Pace yourself on the day. Good luck!

EauRouge Wed 26-Mar-14 10:49:13

I agree, there's no real point trying to work on fitness now. Practice swimming a couple of times, make sure all your kit is in order, keep hydrated and fuelled and get plenty of rest. Good luck and don't enter any more tris without training first grin

Thisisnotworking Wed 26-Mar-14 10:58:18

Thanks for the replies! I thought that would be the general view grin
I just saw the cut off entry is wed 12pm so I will check my kit and my own condition over the weekend.
Proper sleep and a better diet than Easter eggs and nacho chips will probably be the first step anywaywink

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