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Do I need a Garmin?

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Rupertandfifi Mon 14-Apr-14 08:11:39

How are you getting on with your garmin dharma?

annabanana19 Sun 13-Apr-14 20:20:21

I'd be lost without my Garmin. I have a Forerunner 10 & never go out for a run without it! Best piece of tech I have.

Theonlyoneiknow Sat 05-Apr-14 15:05:30

I moved from. Strava to Endemondo lately and like how it tells you your distance and pace through the headphones, I carry my phone for music anyway so it's fine (for just now) but will look into Garmins!

CMOTDibbler Mon 24-Mar-14 18:40:48

Yay Dharma smile. I don't do events for the race (because I am not fast at all), but because I enjoy having something to aim at - its easier to motivate myself and give training a structure that way

RufflingFeathers Mon 24-Mar-14 17:48:46

I'm not into technology per se - don't have smart phones so not sure how good all the map my run/nike plus stuff is, but I love love love our Garmin !! keeps me updated with my pace, distance, time etc - easy to use and reliable… got it for about £70 so not cheap, but already feel it's been worth the expense

PiggyPlumPie Mon 24-Mar-14 13:10:44

Runkeeper has been pretty accurate for my marathon training, up to 20 miles, no problem with phone battery.

Did have a hiccup last week when it said I had done 73 miles in 20 mins [grin ]

Dharmalovesdraco Mon 24-Mar-14 13:02:02

Mapmyrun said my 5k Parkrun was 5.1k so not 100% - I've ordered the Garmin, for which I shall thank my DH and kids on Sunday wink

I've also entered a half marathon for October despite saying up thread that I wasn't interested in running races!!! Doh!

BlueChampagne Mon 24-Mar-14 12:54:43

Have since remembered that I used MapMyRun on a Race for Life 10k last year. It measured 10.06km - <1% error is good enough for me!

Mitchy1nge Mon 24-Mar-14 10:17:27

I don't understand how people get a good enough signal in the middle of nowhere for the apps, maybe it's my stupid network (O2)? I had a better signal up Mt Etna than I get in Suffolk.

Dharmalovesdraco Mon 24-Mar-14 09:57:48

I tried run keeper this morning and had an absolute nightmare with it sad mainly user error tbf though. I couldn't run my c210k app alongside it, couldn't play music and kept turning off. I have no idea how far or fast I went at all!!!!

I'll try again but am still tempted by the garmin - thanks everyone for your advice smile

Chopstheduck Mon 24-Mar-14 08:38:08

I use runkeeper and find it very accurate. I think maybe once it went off course, on Ascot racecourse! That is out of nearly 500 activities tracked.

I did get a Polar FT4 for hrm but I have found that for running, the calories estimated by runkeeper are pretty accurate +/- about 10%.

Pipkinhartley Mon 24-Mar-14 08:34:26

How about using Strava? If you're already using your phone you can just download the app. I've become a recent convert as use it for cycling and have found it to be pretty accurate. And if you aren't too competitive at the moment, you soon will be if you use it - even if comparing your own effort!

BikeRunSki Mon 24-Mar-14 07:20:14

I run about 20 miles a week - off road, road, town and country and am training for a couple of half marathons. All the info I need I get from my iPod. It'll calibrated for my stride and I find it pretty accurate (I have cross checked some routes with car trip meter).

CMOTDibbler Mon 24-Mar-14 07:15:07

No, no music. I have a little SanDisk player for music. Its tiny, so no hassle to carry round, and I like not having something expensive in case of falls etc

BlueChampagne Sun 23-Mar-14 22:59:18

CMOT does Garmin play you music too? I've been using MapMyRun and occasionally the GOS loses me. A little worried by distance overestimation as I'm training for a half, but circular routes seldom bang on anyway.

CMOTDibbler Sun 23-Mar-14 14:49:46

The mobile signal here is really bad, and once my Garmin finds itself its really reliable.

For the £90 I paid for it, its been really good value. Much easier to look at your watch than a phone imo

Mitchy1nge Sun 23-Mar-14 13:24:20

I had to have a garmin or similar GPS watch, if I wanted basic info about how far and fast I was running, because am 90% of the time a long way from having any sort of strong enough signal for a phone app

also can't cope with carrying a phone or carrying ANYTHING, I can't bear it! but a watch is easy

although the one I use now, 220, isn't a multi-sports watch you can switch off the GPS and use it in an indoor pool or on gym equipment, it has a good motion sensor and tells you how many steps per minute average stride length and probably a lot more

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Sun 23-Mar-14 13:16:30

Ive got a Soleus running watch. It was £50 and I can choose what it displays. I can view it all by a click. I can see how far ive gone, what my pace is, what my speed is and the calories burned. It records them all and I can view it all.

I really enjoy Parkruns and I also run for me although I do love the atmosphere of 10Ks and many many people dont do them for the race. There's only a few elite people who run for the race. For me though Id find that a bit too pressurised and it would take the fun out of running.

Fridayschild Sun 23-Mar-14 12:59:27

Runkeeper is much cheaper! Why not try that and if you get hooked you can get a Garmin later?

run keeper gets lost on wimbledon common (hills, trees, poor mobile signal). My friend used it for marathon training and his iPhone battery kept running out at 20 miles. You should be ok on park run though.

LizzieVereker Sun 23-Mar-14 12:40:05

I've been Garminated grin.

I was using Map my run but found it was overestimating distance, accusing me of running through lakes etc. Garmin is ruthlessly accurate.

I think some Garmin models give you in run pace, but i find it fiddly to look as i'm runing. Runkeeper is good for this as it tells you in your ear your pace after a certain distance.

Bumpsadaisie Sun 23-Mar-14 12:33:06

Watching with interest. I'm doing GN run and my asics training plan is telling me to run at a range of paces but I find I've no idea what my pace is till I finish! Does a garmin give you in-run details of pace?


Dharmalovesdraco Sun 23-Mar-14 11:47:26

Just that really and if so which one?

I currently use Mapmyrun on my phone as I like to keep track of how far and how fast I go, what my average pace is and calories burned. I am planning Park runs but that's it really, as in I run for me not races. So do I really need one?

Thanks all in advance

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