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Do you have to spend £££; to get a good heart rate monitor? Want to know my calorie burn...

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shivari Wed 19-Mar-14 08:46:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shivari Wed 19-Mar-14 13:15:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shivari Wed 19-Mar-14 22:25:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fretful Wed 19-Mar-14 22:28:37

I'm sorry I don't have any answers but would be interested to know more from anyone who does as I'm in a similar position to you grin

shivari Thu 20-Mar-14 07:01:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mitchy1nge Thu 20-Mar-14 08:28:28

I don't know about the accuracy of calorie burn (although I assume a HRM is more accurate than most other measures of how hard you are working, like the machines in the gym for example or the MFP database)

I use a Garmin, actually I usually forget to put the heart rate part of it on but the idea was to use it to train within the 5 running zones - so Recovery Runs are at 50-70% of maximum HR (there's a one size fits all formula based on age or you can work it out individually from your resting heart rate, which goes down the fitter you get but your max stays roughly the same I think) and then:
General Aerobic/Easy 62-75%
Long 65-78%
Marathon Pace 73-84%
Lactate Threshold/Tempo 77-88%
VO2max (5k pace) 91-94%

it's not been amazing for me because my heart is like a galloping horse inside my rib cage whenever a car passes me but I use it in the gym sometimes

I just like collecting the data really, whatever incentivises you has to be good?

shivari Thu 20-Mar-14 11:59:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack Thu 20-Mar-14 12:54:15

I have the polar FT4 and its brilliant. I do have a cheaper one, a sportsline solo which was slightly cheaper but to be honest, it's crap and very inaccurate. You do need one with a chest strap to moniter your heart rate. The machines at the gym are crap too, again very inaccurate.

Polar are brilliant, mine was about £60 but worth every penny as it keeps me motivated.

shivari Thu 20-Mar-14 12:57:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack Thu 20-Mar-14 13:14:19

Shivari - seriously, it's my new best friend smile

nannynick Thu 20-Mar-14 14:17:01

I have a Garmin, it's pricey at around £140 for the VivoFit band plus HRM.

VivoFit and Soft Strap HRM

Combined together those create a graph when you do an exercise wearing both devices.

When wearing just the band, it tracks number of steps.

Not sure how the pictures will turn out... one is a graph showing heart rate during a spin class, one is the calorie detail for that graph, and one is the step count page for a day when I did not do any class but did go walking in the woods with one of the children for whom I care.

nannynick Thu 20-Mar-14 14:22:18

Note that the VivoFit does not link to the bike, so does not get correct reading for Distance, Speed. Not entirely sure if the calories detail is correct. So for calories maybe the bikes own computer unit would give a better indication.

Just started with VivoFit so still exploring what it does. Anyone have one and know how to set it up so it tracks a spin class calorie burn?

In this picture is a Heart Rate whilst doing a BodyVive class, so it should have also step counted more accurately.

Mitchy1nge Thu 20-Mar-14 15:05:11

I've wondered about the vivofit band thing but I already have two Garmin watches so would probably just be silly to get one. Especially at that price!

Mitchy1nge Thu 20-Mar-14 15:13:36

I don't know about vivofit or other activities but in garmin connect for any given run you can click on 'view splits' and then scroll quite a long to the right and see the calories per mile and calories for whole run. hope screenshots work.

nannynick Thu 20-Mar-14 16:02:23

Not explored much of Garmin Connect, apart from the iPhone App.

Just tried it on computer and I can see Splits but it only shows one.
Wonder if that is because it does not have GPS data, so can not do laps?

Mitchy1nge Thu 20-Mar-14 16:08:57

you can make them whatever you want, mine are in miles

it does work without GPS (this is the 220, don't know about others) I've switched the GPS off to use on a treadmill before and in an indoor swimming pool - I don't know how it works, that motion sensor thing, there's no foot pod

it must be magic!

shivari Fri 21-Mar-14 14:32:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stealthfart Sun 23-Mar-14 09:58:27

I bought I wristwatch style HRM off eBay for £6. It is shit. After finishing a 6k run apparently my HR was 77bpm. And I had to hold my finger over a sensor (I foolishly thought it would take the reading from my wrist pulse, dur). So anyway you get what you pay for. I am now holding out for the Samsung Gearfit.

Suzannewithaplan Sun 23-Mar-14 10:59:11

I hate the chest straps, I'm waiting for wearable tech to come up with a good hour which doesn't need a chest strap.
I looked into the mio but I think better devices will be along soon!

Suzannewithaplan Sun 23-Mar-14 11:00:57

Oh yes the gearfit, but it won't be cheap and do you want to be an early adopter wink

Mitchy1nge Sun 23-Mar-14 13:11:17

the garmin strap is comfortable I think? have hardly used it but I just tuck the thing under my bra and forget it's there

Suzannewithaplan Sun 23-Mar-14 18:05:16

Mitchy, it's probably just me being fussy but I dont find it comfortable, not used it for ages.

Shivar Dcrainmaker does VERY in depth reviews of fitness related tech

nannynick Wed 26-Mar-14 09:24:53

Garmin soft strap is not that bad apart from if laying on your front, then the hrm bit pushes against you more but that is to be expected.

Something accurate which does not need chest strap - is that a far off dream?
How does the Gearfit detect heart rate?

Suzannewithaplan Wed 26-Mar-14 12:21:19

No not a far off dream,gearfit is probably the forerunner of more sophisticated devices, wearable tech is likely to advance quickly.

Think it uses infrared

McPie Sun 30-Mar-14 02:07:17

I bought this for mucho cheapness and it works pretty well.

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