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Rapha Women's 100 (cycling challenge)

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Velorider Fri 14-Mar-14 16:03:52

Has anyone heard of this or doing it??
It's a worldwide event taking place on the same day (July the 20th) where women will cycle 100km. I've just signed up via strava.

Has anyone else signed up? It would be great to create a support group on here, to swap training tips, snack ideas and just general stuff.

I'm a pretty proficient cyclist but only cycle about 40 miles in one to due to kids etc. So sign in, sign up and let's swap stories!

Velorider Mon 21-Jul-14 21:11:39

Hi all. Sorry I have been AWOL. Yep I did it yesterday! Included coastal trails, riding over a long bridge, roads and forest routes!! Had a great time, but took longer Than it should have. The person I rode with was a fair bit slower than me and needed to stop quite a lot on the way back. But it was fun nonetheless.

Pipkinhartley Mon 21-Jul-14 12:28:07

Hi Ssmile, was very hot yesterday! Did the Rapha thing- 102k in 4 hrs 11 mins and 550 m of climbs so happy enough with that seeing as it's the second ride I've done after 3 weeks off whilst on holiday.
So which sportive have you signed up for?
Sounds like you have your work cut out for you with the trailer and Hamax seat!

ssmile Sun 20-Jul-14 21:20:37

Did anybody ride today? My DH did a very hot hilly 100k...

It inspired me to sign up for my second sportive in September grin I need an incentive to keep riding in the school holidays. I've also bought a 2nd hand trailer for my youngest DD to ride in. She is outgrowing the Hamax seat but not big enough for the tag along so I'm hoping this will help. I did 5miles with my oldest DD today which is great for her but hard work me doing 6mph with the other DD in the Hamax swinging around grin on the back singing and chatting to her big sis!

ssmile Fri 18-Jul-14 20:10:53

I'm not doing the 100 this weekend my DH is instead. I did 20miles today work commute only just getting my cycling mojo back after my 100km 4weeks ago. I'm looking at another long ride in Sept instead nowsmile. I've just ordered my first pair of SPD shoes n pedals hopefully coming tom!

Pipkinhartley Fri 18-Jul-14 18:34:47

Hello Ssmile, looking forward to it! Just had a couple of weeks of as holidayed abroad so can't wait to get out again!
How about you? And how's training coming on?

ssmile Fri 18-Jul-14 16:35:38

So is everyone ready for their 100 this weekend.

Pipkinhartley Wed 02-Jul-14 08:40:23

Ssmile, think of it as building some good cycling muscle mass! I haven't lost weight but am smaller due to trimming off fat. I have gained fairly muscular legs which I'm happy with. (Suppose now of an age when I no longer strive for Kate Moss thighs - not that they were ever like that anyway!)
Hope the Tour does inspire you again, you've come to far to not carry on!
Viva, lucky you in the Peaks - Never mind the climbs, it was some of the descents I found a bit bum clenching!

ssmile Tue 01-Jul-14 20:28:56

Hope your enjoying your holiday cycling viva and Velo. My DH has signed up for another ride on the day of the Rapha 100, I'm not sure whether I have enough enthusiasm for cycling to do another one so soon after this weekend and I'd have to sort child care again. I've rather lost my cycling bug after Sundays efforts. Maybe the Tour will inspire me again grin I actually gained weight after that ride???how?! My fitness pal reckons I'd burnt 2500 calories and I ate about that much so was zero by days end!!

VivaLeBeaver Mon 30-Jun-14 18:16:09

I'm currently on holiday in the Peak District. First time I've brought my trike out of the flat lands and I have to say it ain't built for hills. Actually I'm probably not built for hills either.

Yesterday nearly killed me, the rain didnt help. Today I switched to the trails and cycled the Tissington and high peak trails. Better but still a bugger of a slight uphill gradient one way on the tissington. Going south I was doing 19mph no problem. On the way back I reckon it was 7mph average.

I've got my road bike with me. Might get on that later on in the week.

Velorider Sun 29-Jun-14 22:30:59

ATB, that has to be my best autocorrect ever!!!
You are all doing so well!!! Well done ssmile!

I'm in Yorkshire this week, which is lovely as my mum hasn't been too well lately and I wasn't sure I was going to get away. But she was well enough so I get a little bit of the tour at the weekend before heading back to Scotland.

I can't beleive how soon the 100 actually is! I have a borrowed bike and a stationary trainer this week. It's proving uninspiring to cycle in my PILs garden.

Pipkinhartley Sun 29-Jun-14 20:00:52

Hi Pootlebug, there's no planned route for the Rapha 100, it will still count if you (maybe get together with some like minded ladies) simply complete 100k on the day and upload to Strava - must be over one ride only though.
There are a few organised rides running, if you google Rapha womens 100 and strava I think that may find you the right page.
I went on the Rapha training run in the Peak District today (Rapha staff were there as ride leaders) and it was a lovely sociable event, nice and steady but lots of climbing! 1225 meters over just over 60 k with a nice long 10% climb (with a cheeky 15% segment in that!) enroute. There were a few more climbs but after that one at Sir William Hill, they weren't too bad! Oh, and got a very nice Rapha musette!
ATB, hope you're having a good holiday but know what you mean about missing the bike, I'm away for a couple of weeks soon and can't see any likelihood of getting out on a bike so I'll just have to wait till I get back and crack on with the Rapha 100 a couple of days after that.

ssmile Sun 29-Jun-14 19:54:40

Thanks ATB for tips but I was already riding when you posted grin I did it!! grin very hilly 59miles but knack erred now. My lovely mum had our DDs overnight and today so we could both do it. My DH was half hour faster than me over 5hrs of cycling but I was SO chuffed I finished as up to today the furthest id ridden was 40miles. I found last 10m really tough. DH wants to do 100m next year and had a spring in his step at the end whilst I was dizzy sick arrhhh on the grass wink thanks for the tips and support on here.

AmericasTorturedBrow Sun 29-Jun-14 08:57:33

um Velo what is a protein powder erection??? love it

I wanna see the tour! damn I don't think we'll get to it anywhere, annoyingly

ssmile on my longer rides I start with a breakfast of porridge with banana and chopped nuts, or scrambled eggs with spinach in a tortilla and toasted, and a giant mug of coffee.

I take with me a bottle of water and a bottle of electrolytes - I hate the taste of Gateorade so try to take coconut water instead but def take electrolytes in some form. Then I take with me a trail mix of seeds, nuts and dried fruit, an emergency shot-block pack (I can't stomach the gels either but find shotblocks pretty good for when I'm hitting a wall or need a boost to climb a hill towards the end of a long ride) and normally some sort of trail bar/flapjack (protein bars seem to just sit really heavily in my stomach)...also almond butter and honey sandwiches are great. It's trial and error really but the key is to drink before you're thirsty and eat before you're hungry - even if it means getting off the bike.

God I miss my bike! 3 more weeks in the UK til I can hit the Californian roads again. I've been introduced to a women's only cycling group which terrifies me - they're called She Wolf Attack Team and do tuesday evening rides (cunningly names CUNT - see you next tuesday) and weekend rides, there seems to be a range of riders but on the whole they train for serious climbs and then uber fast crits in Downtown LA. I've gone from a basic commuter cyclist to a distance cyclist and a half decent climber in a year or so, so maybe joining them and facing another mega challenge to become a sprinter would be a good thing??? They do make cupcakes as well though, gotta be a good thing...

pootlebug Fri 27-Jun-14 12:47:01

I'm doing the Supersprint too smile

Chopstheduck Fri 27-Jun-14 12:33:41

pootlebug - it is!!

Which distance are you doing? We're on the supersprint.

pootlebug Fri 27-Jun-14 12:26:33

A friend is signed up for the London Rapha and was wishing she knew someone going....was contemplating signing up but can't find any route information and since I'm not a confident rider in traffic would love to know where it goes I being really thick not being able to find route info? It's further than I usually cycle - I do triathlon and tend not to cycle more than 50km or so at a time normally, but figuring with the overall fitness from doing the other disciplines, as well as a drop in pace, I'd probably cope.

<waves to Chopstheduck> - I may see you on the bike leg if it's the Eton Dorney Shock Absorber one grin

Chopstheduck Fri 27-Jun-14 09:36:57

I realyl wnat to take my dts to the london leg - they are both cycle fanatics. Would mean throwing a sickie at school though! blush

Velorider Fri 27-Jun-14 08:59:04

Is anyone going to the Grande Depart in Yorkshire this weekend?

BuggersMuddle Tue 24-Jun-14 20:00:04

Just re-read this and wasn't on wine, so not sure where 'doreen's malt loaf' came from grin. Should be Soreen. Would also say, take on the food / gel / whatever you decide before you think you need it. I am very guilty (as I have weight to lose) of waiting until I'm flagging, which is fine on a shorter run as not so far left to finish, but no good on a 100k as I'm then constantly in an energy deficit.

I've even been known to take bagels on leisure rides, but probably wouldn't on a timed event / sportive because they do take a bit of digesting.

That looks like a great site Velorider I am bookmarking!

ssmile Tue 24-Jun-14 19:56:28

Thanks for the tips on food. I've ordered done gel and high5 things and I will check out that link. I love a good flap jack smile so I will be making some of those.

Hope your ride on Thursday goes ok velo

Velorider Tue 24-Jun-14 14:27:55

Hi ssmile, I agree with buggersMuddle. The recovery shakes are quite good. But any milkshake is good right after a ride! Gels can be handy for a quick fix and I often have one in my bag for a quick hit if needed.

I make and take seeded flapjacks. Made with a mix of sunflower, flax, pumpkin and any seeds I have, pinhead and rolled oatmeal. They are really good to eat on the go.

Check out this site You can avoid the protien powder erections, or omit the powder if it isn't for you, but a lot of good ideas on there.

It's recommended you have a good breakfast, like porridge two hours before your ride. I'm only just working up to long distances with a 50 miles planned on Thursday. I will be taking a jam sandwhich with peanut butter, an emergency gel, two water bottles with a high five tablet in each, flapjack and a packet of soft mints. I always take money in case I ever get stuck!

BuggersMuddle Mon 23-Jun-14 22:16:43

ssmile Just found this thread.

I find electrolyte tablets useful for avoiding shakiness.

Gels are a personal preference. I use them occasionally but prefer to fill one of my bottles with something like a High 5 Energy Source. (Their banana protein recovery is lovely two).

If that sounds a bit plastic, other stuff I know people like are are doreen malt loaf, flapjack & Stoats / Eat Natural bars.

ssmile Mon 23-Jun-14 21:48:00

Bit quiet around ere? Hope everyone out busy cycling. I did my last 40miler before the ride on Sunday. I wasn't going to do much riding this week but now I've got to commute tom to work on my bike as the garage didn't finish working on the car today! DH did 40miles today so I didn't fancy asking him to cycle again tom to work (22miles for him).

I'm after some advice on food. It was hot 30c Sunday and I got overheated and had the dizzy shakes when I got home. I had a ice pack on my head and drank 2pints squash and ate bowl of plain brown pasta after I got home which eventually helped but it scared me. I did 40miles but need to do 55miles next weekend. What do I eat whilst cycling? Normally I take a banana, some almonds and a cereal bar but I'm going to need more next weekend as we will be cycling 8am-2/3pm and I'm the sort of person who has to eat regularly or crash. I will try to eat some porridge before I leave but I'm feeling nervous about riding with so many people too blush. My brother has said try those energy gel things but I'm trying to avoid just sugar hits as they make me feel sleepy. I also only have water in my bottle should I put one of those energy tablets in it?

Velorider Mon 16-Jun-14 18:12:44

We'll done ssmile! I just did my first 40 today, felt great!

Chops, I have no real advice apart from ssmile's advice. I wouldn't give up running though. I'd try and alternate with cycling. Interval training is great on your bike for building and then maintaining speed! Hopefully someone else will be more help!

Chopstheduck Sun 15-Jun-14 18:02:28

wow, well done ssmiles!

Thanks for the tips, will def try to get some more miles in this week smile

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