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Rapha Women's 100 (cycling challenge)

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Velorider Fri 14-Mar-14 16:03:52

Has anyone heard of this or doing it??
It's a worldwide event taking place on the same day (July the 20th) where women will cycle 100km. I've just signed up via strava.

Has anyone else signed up? It would be great to create a support group on here, to swap training tips, snack ideas and just general stuff.

I'm a pretty proficient cyclist but only cycle about 40 miles in one to due to kids etc. So sign in, sign up and let's swap stories!

Velorider Tue 13-May-14 08:23:32

Hello all! Good to see we are getting out. The weather is def improving. I keep getting sunburnt NAND forgetting the sun cream! I am must be of Viking decent when they came to scotland , very pale skin and blonde hair and burn like a potato in a fire pit!

ATB you are good at squeezing in the miles! I'd love to have your days. I literally get between 915-1115 on weekdays, and from after 6pm if I'm not to shattered and it's not raining. And sometimes at weekends due to DP working, me working etc.

Did an 18.5 mile yesterday which felt really good and I could have kept going, but had to be back to collect dd. Off out tomorrow too to do the same and again on Friday and a long one hopefully on Sunday!

Pip are road bikes suitable for fairly gravely trails? As I ride a five mile trail to get to the smooth off road trails I frequent.

Pipkinhartley Tue 13-May-14 12:18:54

Hi Velo, it's a good sign when you get out and feel you could have done more if time allowed!
I wouldn't recommend a road bike on gravel, those skinny tyres don't take much to puncture (or skid! But that could just be my handing skills which need honing! There was a couple of miles of newly gravelled roads on the sportive I did a couple of weeks ago and I dropped my speed right down, rather be safe than sorry!)

AmericasTorturedBrow Tue 13-May-14 15:01:40

I only had these two days this week because it was my birthday yesterday so I swapped DD's daycare days around to give myself the day off. Wednesdays I do have free so always try to ride, but it's also the only day to get everything else done without DC in tow. DH is pretty good about letting me bugger off on alternative weekends for a day riding though - but that's because the big one is imminent...I'd say you getting in 3 18miles+ rides in a week is great Velo

sigh. I heart my bike

Velorider Wed 14-May-14 11:48:02

Yeah I think I will keep away from road bikes. Today I rode up a trail I have been riding past for months and finally I went up it today to see where it took me. I was amazed! It followed a little stream, crossed little bridges, was full of flowers and birds! And I was all alone, which was brilliant. Had a short but steep climb at the end, but I hit 30mph coming back down, with my brakes locked on! Dread to think how fast I would have gone if I had left them off!

How are you all getting on? Is the weather behaving for you?

AmericasTorturedBrow Wed 14-May-14 14:54:09

That sounds beautiful Velo!

ssmile Sat 17-May-14 14:56:12

Sounds like everyone is getting out more. The sun coming out certainly helps the motivation [smile ]
I've done 2*18mile commutes this week and did 30miles this morning. I'm very grin as thats the furthest I've been this year with lots of hills. Good half was UP. i didnt walk up any of the hills despite only doing 4mph at few points grin And I was still back to pick DD1 up from her dance class at 11am. Hard work squeezing in the miles when we all busy mums!

AmericasTorturedBrow Sat 17-May-14 15:13:44

that's great work fitting it in ssmile, have to admit to only fitting it in on my one day a week I have both children in some form of childcare and then on weekends when DH has them...he's being very supportive in the run up to the ride (argh 2 weeks to go!) and I'm disappearing off to San Diego this afternoon to do a ride first thing tomorrow with a uni friend. Letting DH have a lie in this morning to make up for it!

Velorider Mon 19-May-14 08:31:54

ssmile, well done that's brilliant. I actually have a day today where I can do nothing but cycle so shall aim for 40 and see how I go. Not sure of the route so best take a map with me!

atb not long to go now at all. It sounds as if you are getting some good training in mind you. I hope you have a lovely ride with your friend this morning. DP is coming on the first 10 Miles with me, but has to get back for dd and do swimmiing lessons etc. grin

AmericasTorturedBrow Tue 20-May-14 14:17:36

Trip to San Diego was heavenly (I adore my DC obviously but I really crave and enjoy time that's just for me at the moment and having 24hours staying with my friend in his one-up-one-down bachelor pad living a responsibility free life was pure heaven)...we did a good 50mile route but god it was hilly, I just got up them as quick as I could! My friend is a triathlete and it was interesting to see how on hills he stands most of the way whereas I go into a low gear and spin my way up. We did three pretty steep and long climbs and a few other "smaller" ones...felt very good for it.

Was going to ride yesterday but DD was sick. managed to do Shred instead so aiming to do that every day that I don't get on the bike between now and the ride just to do final boost of fitness. Should get a good morning ride in tomorrow, then another at the weekend - then my bike gets shipped to SanFran next Monday!

If anyone's interested in finding out more about ok and cheeikly seeing if you want to donate here's the page ALC

Velorider Tue 20-May-14 15:02:29

ATB I know exactly what you mean about those times. Sometimes I feel it's utterly selfish to want them as much as I do. Then I realise it's not selfish at all, it's normal to want to to ditch the responsibility once in a while. You forget how much a family can mean when you do it every day. The sheer weight of 'carrying' everyone else, whilst trying to achieve your own goals (as we did easily before kids), is like walking through mud!

Well done though and I am glad you enjoyed it. I LOVE the reasons your are doing this big ride. I will donate as soon as payday swings around. The end of the month is never good here!

AmericasTorturedBrow Tue 20-May-14 20:07:19

Aw thanks velo, all of your message means a lot!

AmericasTorturedBrow Wed 28-May-14 14:34:12

how is everyone? My bike was shipped on Sunday and I miss it already but seriously excited for the ride. My only fear is I still get mega pain in my left toes, I think I'm going to need a full and complete and expensive bike fit but have left it far too late for the ride now which another year of pain management having to take ibruprofen constantly and remembering to take my shoes off whenever we stop.

wondered if anyone had come across CycloFemme? They seem to organise women's rides across the globe....need something to work towards post AIDS/LifeCycle

ssmile Fri 30-May-14 08:03:54

Gd luck for your big ride ATB. Hope the toe pain isn't to awful. I get numb toes sometimes but its linked to my old back problem and the muscles spasm around the sciatic nerve, normally a gd stretch helps me.
DH & I arranged 6hrs with no kids today and went off to do training ride. We went up the 3long hills that are on our 100k ride next month. I'm glad we did it despite the rain as its made them less scary now. I know can do them by just spinning in very low gears smile

Velorider Thu 05-Jun-14 08:41:33

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been MIA. How is everyone going?

ATB I hope your ride goes well! My toes sometimes go numb when I am riding, not sure why! But it is painful, you have my sympathies.

Ssmile, I spin in a low gear up most hills wink. I haven't been out as much as I like. And this week it's mostly raining, so getting windows to go out just got smaller. Think I may just have to get soaked! The 100km isn't that far away and I've yet to break my 40 mile barrier!!

ssmile Sat 07-Jun-14 20:55:14

Hope the ride is going ok ATB

I've had a quieter week too Velo. Weird head cold tues-fir stopped my riding but hoping to go out Sunday morning. I'm supposed to be doing a 40mile ride this weekend. The most I've done was a 35miler last week and some hill rides. I too really want to break the 40mile barrier smile I'm going to start out on a flat ride tomorrow and see how my cold and legs are and keep going if I feel ok. DH has said I can have all morning child free grin so if I leave at 7am I can get 4hrs riding in ok. It's finding the time to get training in which is the hardest thing when you have young kids!

AmericasTorturedBrow Sun 08-Jun-14 01:49:58

I'm back! Cycled 87 days Sunday, 109 on Monday, 66 on Tuesday, 89 on Wednesday, 46 in Thursday (lovely), 87 on Friday and 60 today ....roughly

We raised a total of $15million between 2350 riders and about 800 roadies

I am tired and sore and hungry thanks to eating every hour on the hour but it was amazing. DH has signed up for next year but I'll still go on the training rides with him.

No idea when I'll next get on the bike!

ssmile Sun 08-Jun-14 15:35:33

We'll done ATB that's some miles and incredible fund raising.

I was coming onto say I did 40.04miles this morning my longest ride yet grin but this seems tiny compared to your epic ATB wink. How did you get on Velo? Hope you managed to get out today.

Velorider Tue 10-Jun-14 07:18:55

How was your flat ssmile? Sounds like you got a good distance in,we well done!

I got 30 miles on Saturday. Took a different route, veering off the flats onto back farm roads every so often. Felt it in my thighs! Felt like a kid going exploring again, and reminded me of why I love my bike! And I got 11 miles on yesterday. Was going out today but rained off. With the end of term approaching in Scotland, we are all sports days, end of term activities etc, so my free mornings are getting sucked up!

ATB well done! An amazing thing to do. That is some serious riding and a huge sum of money! Really impressive!!!

AmericasTorturedBrow Wed 11-Jun-14 15:31:39

I miss my bike already...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....going to borrow Dad's bike (flying to UK tomorrow for 6 weeks) so trying to find some local cycling clubs that aren't for the older 55's who do a maximum of 12miles.

I could go out on my own though too, just need to figure out the local safe routes. Your post has inspired me velo

Anyone in West Sussex by any chance and fancy a riding partner? Though I'll be on a bike with normal pedals so I'm sure will moan the whole time how slowly I'll be going!

Velorider Wed 11-Jun-14 18:51:57

Hehe ATB! Good for you! I'm not in that area at all or I would have! Although you would totally show me up.

Is anyone going to be in Yorkshire for the peloton?

Pipkinhartley Wed 11-Jun-14 21:19:14

Hello all, been a bit busy with work so nice to catch up. Especially good to hear about your efforts ATB! That's really impressive riding and so good to see such an impactive amount raised by that number of riders (I'm not trying to imply smaller amounts don't help! Far from, just really impressed by the amount raised by the number of participants)
Sorry I'm not West Sussex, but if during your family visits you find yourself heading to the East Midlands, give me a pm! (Have got two road bikes, both clipless! You're welcome to make good use of one and show me how it's done!)
Ssmile, glad you're getting the miles in, sciatic stuff sounds horrible, well done for getting on with it - and keeping on grinding out the miles!
Hi Velo, going to be at the final stage of the a Grande Depart! (Sheffield) As a tour maker, going to do my training this Friday at Leeds.
Btw, back to the original thread title, anyone seen the email from Rapha re the official training runs on the 29 June? (London and chesterfield) I've signed up for chesterfield. It's 60k but apparently very hilly. Should be fun for me as a consummate hill dodger!

AmericasTorturedBrow Thu 12-Jun-14 00:05:51

you might learn to love them pipkin....on my first ALC (last year) I thought I was slow and rubbish compared to the rest of my team (all gym loving boys) til the first big climb and suddenly I was whizzing past I bloody love a good hill. Give me a hill over a headwind any day!

Chopstheduck Thu 12-Jun-14 06:37:35

<<peeks head round corner>>

Could I possibly come and bug you ladies for some tips? I've managed to get myself signed up for the cycle leg of a triathalon next month!

Velorider Thu 12-Jun-14 08:06:49

Pip I can't wait! I'm going to the rapha tempest so camping out for a night or two as well. The kids are silly excited about it all! I haven't heard anything from rapha re training runs. They need to do one in Scotland!

ATB I'd rather cycle up a hill than a headwind any day too. At least a hill has an end!

Chops, ask any questions you like! We are a pretty good mixed ability group, so you will get some good answers.

Chopstheduck Thu 12-Jun-14 10:35:59

I am in awe of some of the distances on here! grin

Ok, so I'm reasonably fit, I run 3 times a week, do pump 2-3 times a week and I cycle everywhere. Over winter when the weather was rubbish I did spin classes instead. However, I have never raced, and I usually ride a hybrid with nice sit up and beg handlebars and a pretty bell! grin

I'm going to have to hire a road bike for the race which is 4 flat laps, 21.2km. I have been angling for a road bike for years, but dh doesn't really understand why I possibly need a road bike as well as my hybrid and mountain bikes. I like a bit of offroading from time to time - live close to swinley forest which has some fantastic singletrack. I am worried about the transition to a road bike. I was wondering about dropping my handlebars for now to try to get used to a lower profile. I do tend to tuck my elbows in and get low when in a hurry anyway. blush

I went out for my first attempt yesterday, on my hybrid and managed 8.5 miles in 30 minutes, before I hit Maidenhead and with the roundabout and lights dropped to 12 mph for a further 3.5 miles. I need to find some more country roads. Do you think going back to Spin classes will help with training, or are they a waste of time?

Also should I stop running for now? I've cut back and will replace my sunday long run with a long ride instead, but I will stop if need be.

also any idea of a training plan, how often I should go out, and any tips at all would really be appreciated. I normally do at about 2 hours exercise a day, I'm wondering if I will have to cut back a bit to focus on the cycling.

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