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New runner and I need better shoes!

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OkyDoke Sun 09-Mar-14 14:18:40


Now the weather has improved I have started running - well walks with some jigs to start with.

Been out for the last two mornings and I have developed horrible blisters! What trainers do you recommend? From the best money can buy to some budget ones?

I have never ran before and I have no idea where to start. Any advice/tips in general would be appreciated!


yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 09-Mar-14 14:20:41

I went to Sports Direct and got some that fitted and felt good, and also git some good socks. That's what I'd recommend.

OkyDoke Sun 09-Mar-14 14:55:18

This might sound stupid but what do you mean by good socks?

yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 09-Mar-14 17:03:43

Well, socks can help prevent blisters as well as the right shoes. They need to fit too, and yiu can get ones which have extra padding in pressure areas which helps prevent blisters, and can also help support muscles.

Usernamegone Sun 09-Mar-14 23:37:07

You can buy Nike blister resistant socks from sports direct. I've got some and never have blisters now.

OkyDoke Mon 10-Mar-14 08:58:46

Never occurred to me that socks would make a difference, but it makes sense now I've thought about it! I will head to Sports Direct soon then! Thanks.

Are you doing couch to 5k? Highly recommended to get you running. Also invest in some blister plasters for your current crop of blisters.

OkyDoke Mon 10-Mar-14 09:32:19

I might do but I looked on the app store and there were thousands of apps called Couch to 5k and then I Googled it and it was podcasts? Not sure which is the 'real one' if you know what I mean?

Will go to Sainsburys at lunch for blister plasters, thank you!

AddictedtoCrunchies Mon 10-Mar-14 09:34:17

Try to go to a specialist running shop as they will check your gait on a treadmill. Also, I bought some socks there and, although they cost £13, they have lasted ages and are the comfiest socks ever grin

OkyDoke Mon 10-Mar-14 10:10:01

I've found a specialist running shop near me, so I will probably head there at the weekend and see what they have to say before I decided whether to spend a bit of money or a lot of money on trainers. I think I will get the socks which ever way though! :D

BlueChampagne Mon 10-Mar-14 13:22:46

I wear cheap socks and running shop, gait-analysed trainers. Have only once had a blister problem, when the weather suddenly warmed up and I'd laced my trainers too tightly.

BikeRunSki Mon 10-Mar-14 14:26:04

Provider running shop! Properly fitted!

LordEmsworth Sat 15-Mar-14 09:41:20

I used to always get blisters until I started wearing double-layer socks - they are like magic...

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