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half marathon mid training pause

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onoroff Fri 07-Mar-14 21:31:09

Hello, I am after some advice please. I have signed up for october half marathon. It will be my first. I thought I would continue with my 5 kms for a couple of months and then do 4 months building up to it. However, we normally go on summer holiday end aug which will be 6 weeks before. Will a pause in training cause me a problem. This is all new to me, I am looking forward to the challenge but don't really want to forsake family holiday for a run in the park! I can't just take the running shoes on holiday as I am a lone parent. Our holidays are generally fairly active but can't involve long runs!

TamerB Fri 07-Mar-14 21:49:20

I had the same problem last September when I did one- it isn't ideal but I assume it is only a week? I did it OK.

CMOTDibbler Sat 08-Mar-14 14:26:45

I think a week off 6 weeks before will be fine, especially if you are active on it.

We went away 4 weeks before my HM last year, and I only got one run in that week (the others cycled 10 miles, I ran) but swam lots and did lots of walking round, and if was fine

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