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Anyone smokers done the C25K

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RichTeaAreCrap Sun 02-Mar-14 19:07:39

I have posted this in Chat before I realised that there was a section for exercise!

I am really unfit, never exercise and really need to start now.

I want to stop smoking too, but haven't yet. I think that starting running may actually help as the fitter I get the more I won't want to ruin it by smoking. I have smoked for 20 years and know it is damaging my health.

Has anyone done this while being a smoker? Did it half kill you? I imagine being able to run for 20 seconds before being completely breathless. I know that is so bad to say but its true blush I am worried about starting it and not being able to run at all without gasping for air.

Anyway, I have decided its time to get fit and ditch the cigs too. I also could do with losing about 1.5 stone

Morrigu Sun 02-Mar-14 22:53:59

I'm doing the c25k and smoked for the first few days before I bit the bullet and chucked the fags away. Was a 15/20 a dayer for 19 years. Yes the first run was a bit of a shock but tbh not as bad as I thought it would be. Was harder getting myself out the door than actually doing it iykwim?

Have noticed a huge difference in my breathing since stopping smoking. Actually saw a change in the matter of a week which took me by surprise. I managed 4 minutes solid running yesterday (did an extra run rather than walk) but I'm only starting week 4 tomorrow and would have laughed 3 weeks ago if someone told me I could do that.

It's really encouraging me to never smoke again too as I'm seeing results. I want to be fit and healthy and get a real buzz out of exercising I never expected. Honestly just do it, you won't regret it.

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