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21 days to start a new habit - anyone want to join in?

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Fubble Tue 25-Feb-14 12:57:29

Afternoon all,
Saw a post along these lines on the MFP forum, about the accepted wisdom that it takes 21 days of consistent behaviour to form a habit. Most lifestyle changes/new exercise regimes I've tried can take longer to have a visible affect (assuming you see it through)
So, thinking of setting a shorter 21 day target for me to aim for and encourage others if anyone was interested.

My targets for 21 days for example:
1. Walk 30mins a day, 6 times a week
2. C25K 3 times a week
3. Record calorie intake/exercise HONESTLY on MFP
4. No fizzy drinks
5. Lose 8lbs by Day 21

Each of those hopefully will be doable for 3 weeks - and then onward!

Here's hoping anyway - can I interest anyone?

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