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Baby slings in child bike carriers

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AliRyder Sat 22-Feb-14 18:46:18

Hi, We're just looking at purchasing a child bike trailer for our two daughters (currently 2.5years and 6 months). I looked at the Croozer Plus Kid 2 this morning and the Burley D'lite and Encore this afternoon. I loved the look of the Burley but it doesn't have the option of a baby sling. Has anyone tried putting a different brand sling into a burley trailer? Chariot, Croozer and some others all market them.

lljkk Sat 22-Feb-14 18:59:45

We did it the old-fashioned way and strapped down a regular infant carrier very tightly into our Chariot & a Koolstop trailer before that. It was as secure as in the car but no extra cost.

AliRyder Sat 22-Feb-14 19:52:52

Any suggestions on how to do that when the trailer has a fabric base and you also need to fit a toddler in?

lljkk Sat 22-Feb-14 19:56:01

Ah, toddler in trailer as well is a challenge Valid point. We put ours (toddler I mean) in a child seat either on the bike towing trailer or on the bike used by other parent. When you get TWO older children, you get one in a childseat or on a childback tandem AND other tot in a seat, and one of those bikes also tows the trailer with baby in it.

Where there's a will, there's a way. Must use every fitted strap in trailer.

NB: must have faith in your brakes.


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