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Best motivational tracks for workout?

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randommoniker Thu 20-Feb-14 11:55:10

Any suggestions? Currently sweating in the company of quite a bit of INXS in retro way. Like disco funk type stuff. Nothing too scarily yoof.

HalleLouja Thu 20-Feb-14 12:05:02

I quite like Black Eyed Peas.

randommoniker Thu 20-Feb-14 14:15:34

Yes, they are definitely on there. Want more ideas that are as on the money as that, really.

HappyAsEyeAm Thu 20-Feb-14 14:19:39

Katy Perry
Jessie J
Maroon 5

HalleLouja Thu 20-Feb-14 14:25:22

Pink is another one I like running to.

Pink01 Thu 20-Feb-14 14:25:26

I like You've Got The Love (either version)

Inner Smile by Texas

Chocolate by Snow Patrol

And more embarrassingly Shout by James Cordon and Wavin Flag 2010 World Cup anthems angry

But when you are as slow and unfit as me you have to go with what works!

HalleLouja Thu 20-Feb-14 14:25:43

The Killers, some Blur.

deXavia Thu 20-Feb-14 14:27:04

Don't knock retro - I'm running and have rediscover The Jam (good steady beat runs through most of their songs) Queen is also very good. And currently through a bit of a Blues Brothers phase after being recommended it by a friend - works surprisingly well with exercise

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 20-Feb-14 14:32:40

Eye of The Tiger. Obviously. grin

randommoniker Thu 20-Feb-14 15:57:43

Some excellent ideas here - keep them coming! And have no shame on retro score; plenty of Stones and James Brown type stuff along with the Rhianna. Just rather bored of current mix and desperate for anything that can help motivate me to shift my (increasingly ample) backside..

HalleLouja Fri 21-Feb-14 09:50:26

I love Justin Timberlake, some Pulp as it makes me smile when running, Katy Perry, some old school garage....

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