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mouses Tue 11-Feb-14 20:55:32

ive been logging my food intake and was shocked at how little I ate but Im going over rda/rdi's.

im confused now? confused so im calling any nutritionist lurking to help figure it out - ive googled my fingers sore looking for info on nutrition balance/charts but i either get conflicting charts or pop ups of programmes to pay for them to send info angry

I would appreciate if any one has a reliable link please grin

Mitchy1nge Wed 12-Feb-14 10:27:36

I don't know what you mean, going over what? Everything? (not a nutritionist, just a bit obsessed with interested in this sort of thing)

mouses Wed 12-Feb-14 11:48:34

erm, im not very good at explaining whilst making sense (obv's) but ill try...

for instance - im on a 1600cal a day at the moment to shift the extra weight on my legs, most days ive only reached 1500 calorie intake but my intake of protein, carbs was over the amount recommended.

RDA - recommended daily allowance / intake is how much of 'something' eg carbohydrates, fats, protein, salt ... to eat in your daily diet.

for example according to one chart my protein intake should be 46g a day max - my food diary (on android app) says its 65g and that was only with 1550cal intake - if I was on a 2000 cal a day it would be higher?
although another said 70g (if I remember right) and something else on another confused

as with carb, looking for nutrition fact it varied at 130g a day max and 230g? so I was hoping to find a good link with correct and reliable info because one chart says im over and others im on target?


Personally, I think don't get so hooked up on the numbers but try just and be a bit sensible and see what works for you.

So, the simplest way would be to up your protein, lower your carbs and lower your calories - are you doing any exercise at all?

If you go on MFP and log all your food it gives you a break down of what you are having and you can look back and see what works best for you.

Google isn't you, it doesn't know your body...what works for one may not work for another .

Don't overthink it, just be sensible.

mouses Wed 12-Feb-14 13:02:11

im quite a healthy eater, or so i thought I was? I don't eat big portions, drink just under enough water, eat fruit and veg. don't drink alcohol, fizzy's, dont smoke. every fortnight I treat us to take away. no huge amounts either.

im tired all the time, get spots (at my age angry ) and have thinning hair. sad so im not sure why my diet aint doing it for me?

yes I exercise, do pilates, I walk and have recently got a treadmill. before dd 3,5yrs ago I used to go gym 3 times a week.

think I didn't put it clearly lol I mean 46g is recommended protein where as im taking in over this amount, my highest so far being 65g according to my food log - its the same as MFP. breaks down contents and all that.

on my food log app It ranges from 200-230g intake for carbs where some nutrition facts are tellin me its 130g max? and another is 230g which would make me even. not sure if its making sense?? haha?

im not asking for google to tell me what to eat - I was trying to find facts that are correct so I know wether to lower or increase proteins, carbs etc.

I think it helps to know what % of food/nutrients are being eaten, as too much protein, fats or carbs doesn't just affect weight it can help kidneys and other internal organs function correctly.

Mitchy1nge Wed 12-Feb-14 13:36:14

oh right

like betty said we are all different - set the macros to whatever you like, I aim for 60% carbs 25% fat and 15% protein (based on some racing nutrition plan or other) but when I was last losing weight it worked out at about 40 40 20, this probably had more to do with the simple calories in calories out equation than any fine tuning of specific nutrients

obviously you can't really choose where the fat goes from your body though, and if you're not really overweight your body might not cooperate and give it up very easily

are you using MFP?

Mitchy1nge Wed 12-Feb-14 13:38:38

I think generally though eating more lean protein, basing your meals around that with lots of vegetables must be good?

Mitchy1nge Wed 12-Feb-14 13:39:25

is your thyroid working as it should?

mouses Wed 12-Feb-14 13:50:54

im not overweight no, but from my hips down is where tend to store fat, making my tiny upperbody look odd.

% throw me abit confused so I stick with the g, mg charts as I can understand them smile

I used to just eat less, exercise more etc... yet my legs are definitely not cooperating to give up the fat! wink so its wy im looking in to food log and rds'a to see where it might help to understand what im taking in.

I don't use MFP exactly, but its the same. food dairy, exercise input, breakdown of foods... it was when I came across facts on to much protein - I checked my logs and it was over the amount. hense the thread smile

mouses Wed 12-Feb-14 14:15:32

forgot to add, I don't eat steak, beef or pork. (well I eat bacon, ham and very rarely sausages) I mean the big slabs of meat like steak fillets, pork chops, burgers etc. mainly chicken and white fish.

DD is playing on my tablet so cant have a look for an example of what ive eaten to make it high.

I know carbs should make up most of your daily allowance with veg next then protein lower. (well what ive learned or tried learning)

think my thyroids are ok? not had a blood test for a while, usually do as I have low blood pressure. might book a test just to check.

Littlepumpkinpie Wed 12-Feb-14 16:05:59

Fat from legs is always the last to go unfortunately. The exercise your doing is not targeting them enough. Lunges and squats are good for legs/ glutes/ hamstrings. Food wise my coach works mine out for me

Training days
Protien 45 which is 125g per meal x6 meals
Carbs 10 100g after training only
fats 45 spilt 20/15g split on the 6 meals

None training days no carbs but same as above I weight train five days in a week .

mouses Wed 12-Feb-14 16:52:52

your not wrong, ive been trying to shift the fat from my legs since I put on 4st after birth of first DC which was 12yrs ago! shock albeit ive had 2 more dc and still lose the weight everywhere but....

oh forgot to say ive just started doing lunges and squats as the lovely mumsnetters helped guide me thro how to do them properly without breaking me knees! [winks] thread some where out there on this.

ive looked at a few macronutrient charts and the list changes each one confused

heres a few all based on 1600cal a day..

protein 60g carb 245g fat 53g

another says ..protein 100g carb 220g fat 35g

and another.. protein 72 carb 212g fat 52g

with all the varying facts im not sure which is best/correct. looking at moderate zone it works out at 50-30-20%? all that confuses me a little.

your on a low carb diet I guess smile

non carb days?! what do you eat that not carb? <just interested> smile

mouses Wed 12-Feb-14 16:55:37

I mean what non carbs that gives you the energy to get through the day?

Littlepumpkinpie Wed 12-Feb-14 17:11:10

I have more energy believe it or not smile I am also wheat,gluten and dairy free diet. I do not drink any tea only thing I miss. I can have green tea or coffee before 1.30pm after then peppermint or camomile. No sweets chocolate.
At the moment I am on defeicite spelling rubbish sorry as I am cutting bodyfat. Everything will change soon cannot wait I am on 6 meals a day at the moment this will increase to 8 or higher protein intake will see what my coach chucks at me next LOL

mouses Wed 12-Feb-14 17:33:31

that's completely thrown me? 6 meals to cut fat? im not clued up on this, so your goal is to gain muscle?

wow, that list is strict! what do you eat then?! no dairy, low carb doesn't sound much fun. I wouldn't know what to eat. most breakfast is carbs aint they?

so glad im my own coach lol wink

Littlepumpkinpie Thu 13-Feb-14 00:32:05

Sorry been to work just got in and I am POOPED now. I eat steak for breakfast I kid you not. If it can swim be dug from the ground plucked off a tree/bush ect I can eat it. If its in a packet or tin off a shelf that's where it stays. Its all about putting the right fats in to burn the fat lots of healthy fats avocado is one and olive oil another and nuts but now many 20g which is not even a handful.
I make all sorts of spicey meals its never boring fitter food receipes are very nice even my children eat them. I do let my children have chocolate I don't miss it.

Littlepumpkinpie Thu 13-Feb-14 00:34:14

Oh and Eggs was what I used to eat first thing in the morning or Porridge which is YUMMY with loads of berries, appricots

mouses Thu 13-Feb-14 09:52:57

wow, I can just about stomach porridge in the morning! I dont eat steak but if I did - I dont think I could look at it first ting in the morning haha!

I do make meals but i'll be paying more attention to what counts towards intake, macros and what not. which will be better for the kids too. smile

Sleepwhenidie Tue 18-Feb-14 09:22:26

Mouses give me a typical day of food for you so I can get a better idea of what's going on. Tiredness, thinning hair and skin problems are often symptoms of EFA and possibly protein deficiency.

As others have said, don't worry about what charts say you 'should' be eating, they will vary wildly and often you need to experiment to find the best macronutrient balance for you.

As far as protein goes, I would recommend 0.8-1g of protein per pound of body weight which is more than most RDA's will say. Remember too that RDA's often only tell you the minimum required to keep you in reasonable functioning shape!

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