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First park run tomorrow

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LBDD Fri 07-Feb-14 16:34:48

Just that really. I've just signed up and hopefully doing the Cambridge park run tomorrow as long as it's not cancelled due to rain.
I'm kind of excited and dreading it. I want to run but I'm not very good and don't find it easy. I can do a slow 5k on the treadmill so want to try outside and this looks more motivating than running by myself.
Any other Milton park runners out there? Any advice greatly appreciated. I think it will take me a good 35-40 mins to get round and hoping not to be too humiliated by being last back.

EauRouge Fri 07-Feb-14 16:39:55

I've never been to Milton but I've met a few of them at Huntingdon and they were all lovely. You won't be last, they'll have a tailrunner- half the time it's someone walking a dog so at 35-40 mins you should be way ahead of them. One of the good things about not being really fast is that you have more people cheering you on as you cross the finish line.

LBDD Fri 07-Feb-14 16:43:18

Oh that sounds lovely. I really like the idea of it being a fun event but also having a time to try and beat each time. I will only be able to go once or twice a month but hope it will give me the kick I need to run a bit in between too.

EauRouge Fri 07-Feb-14 16:46:01

Oh, it's loads of fun and there's no snobbery from the serious runners. At Huntingdon everyone piles in the cafe afterwards for a cuppa and a chat.

thefemaleJoshLyman Fri 07-Feb-14 17:43:26

I run in Peterborough and am doing my 5th run tomorrow, everyone has been really friendly. I was really nervous befire my first one but loved it. Have fun!

EauRouge Fri 07-Feb-14 17:45:41

Hey, if we're all in Cambs then we should take it in turns to visit each other's local races. I haven't done Peterborough yet, I got as far as marshalling the first one and then never got round to actually running it. Is it a fast course?

LBDD Fri 07-Feb-14 19:10:32

Thank you everyone I'm really quite looking forward to it now. Will try to get there a bit early so bit rushed and hopefully it will be the first of many park runs.

thefemaleJoshLyman Fri 07-Feb-14 22:16:30

Peterborough is quite fast because it is flat. I love running round the lakes, it has actually been sunny every week so far. I might try hichingbrooke soon, supposed to be much harder,

EauRouge Fri 07-Feb-14 22:34:46

It's seriously muddy there at the moment and it can be a bit hilly, depending on which route they choose (whichever one isn't underwater). The way conditions are at the moment, you can add a good 5 mins onto your PB.

LBDD Sat 08-Feb-14 07:35:22

Oh well it's not actually raining right now so will give it a go I think. Trouble is if I don't go today I prob won't get a chance again for a few weeks, I've been saying I'm going to do park run for about a year already so just want to try it.
Will prepare myself for some serious mud.

SonorousBip Sat 08-Feb-14 07:38:42

The mud just adds to the fun! Have a good time, parkrun is really enjoyable. Really don't worry about being slow - it's a complete mix at my one from 17 mins (!) to 45.

EauRouge Sat 08-Feb-14 07:45:57

The serious mud is in Huntingdon, no idea what Milton is like. I think it's more on paths. You'll be fine either way smile Have fun!

thefemaleJoshLyman Sat 08-Feb-14 17:08:17

How did you get on LBDD?

thefemaleJoshLyman Sat 08-Feb-14 17:08:17

How did you get on LBDD?

MelanieCheeks Sat 08-Feb-14 17:33:53

Yes, tell us all about it! (And do come and share on the Parkrunners Anon thread)

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