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Nutrition on a long run

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MrsFrankTurner Sun 02-Feb-14 13:23:10

Need some help off the seasoned MN runners pleasesmile
I'm midway through marathon training and putting in some pretty long runs now (14 miles today); the problem is I cannot eat when I'm running -I've tried all sorts of foods but it's the chewing & running I can't do plus gels upset my stomach.
Has anyone got any tips for a drink I can make myself that doesn't taste rank but will replace what I'm losing to keep me going? I am eating very well before and after a run and managed today's 14 miles on water & carbing up yesterday but i think I'm pretty maxed out now on how far I can run without extra fuel on board!
I don't like powerade etc as I'm trying to cut processed food & drinks out of my general diet.

TamerB Sun 02-Feb-14 22:26:56

I will bump it up because I would like to know too. I ran 12 miles today, but in a circuit so I popped home twice to eat something and fill up my water.

Clure Sun 02-Feb-14 23:38:58

I did marathon last year. Also do half marathons. I used to do my long runs without eating anything en route - it would upset my tummy. I used just one gel. My hubby introduced me to bloks (blocks of gelly) I ate these on my marathon - not so easy to eat on the run but bit easier to digest
You know its all personal, you sometimes have to try and see what suits you. I also prefer natural and tried a few dried apricots.
for me I tried to eat a good carb rich dinner night before a long run (I'm talking running for 2 and half hours plus) museli/dried fruit breakfast, bottle of water to carry for running. After run refuel within half an hour (protein and carb - for me as a vegan I swear by beans on toast!) I didn't like recovery drinks either. I made my own by half orange juice half water and a pinch of salt to replace electrolytes.
Good luck with the training!

MrsFrankTurner Mon 03-Feb-14 08:40:46

Thank you Clure, great tipssmile I've been eating a high carb meal the evening before and a decent breakfast of porridge with fruit & seeds, pancake or granola on the morning of the long run.
I did a bit of googling last night & read that dried fruits may be the answer on a long run (raisins or apricots like you say) plus I found this recipe for a drink whilst I'm out running which I shall try today on my 6 miler (I don't usually take anything over a short distance but thought it's best to try a new drink when I don't need it than get stuck 12 miles into a long run with nothing to drink!):

MrsFrankTurner Mon 03-Feb-14 08:44:42

Or even this!!:

Notmorelego Mon 03-Feb-14 17:17:39

I take mix of half water and half orange juice or apple juice. Plus a handful of jelly babies.

Mitchy1nge Tue 04-Feb-14 13:17:26

I found I could keep the torq gels down if I spent about a mile or more sipping them. If WHEN I am back to the 15-20 mile runs it's nice to know I can use them, and good to know there will be something in my friend's pocket during the marathon in case of The Wall (everyone always says the marathon doesn't begin until mile 21 and that scares me)

however my last couple of long runs were ok with diluted lucozade, just half normal orange lucozade sport and half water and that was much nicer and only had about 100mls each run

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