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What exercise classes do you do? Come and tell me about them.

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CharlieAlphaKiloEcho Thu 09-Jan-14 17:17:45

I started trying out some classes in November and was just wondering what others do and how they find them.

I do Yoga, body balance and Zumba but I've signed up for spinning next week.

Please tell me spinning is fun and won't kill me....

EarSlaps Thu 09-Jan-14 22:15:28

I don't do any classes now, but I've done spin before. It is great and will really get you sweating. Be prepared for a sore bum though the first time- all the up and down in the seat left my bottom bruised! It was fine after a couple of sessions, but I can see why some people take their own gel seat covers to class smile.

I recommend trying something with weights too, body pump is pretty good.

HollyBen Thu 09-Jan-14 22:38:52

Spin is fun. If you are anything like me you will probably think you are going to die during the first class and subsequent classes. And as warships says you will have a sore bum. Not really selling it am I grin

I am a big fan of Body Pump. It really helped with my appalling posture. Go easy on the weights start. I also like step, though I think it seen as a bit outdated. Also Tamara where you do sets of exercises for 30 seconds each.

Keep meaning to try zumba never got there

MiconiumHappens Thu 09-Jan-14 22:39:32

Spinning is great .... If it's not move classes it's very instructor dependant smile

CharlieAlphaKiloEcho Thu 09-Jan-14 22:50:41

See spinning appeals because as much as I enjoy Zumba I am slowly having to kill off that imaginary dancer in my head. I have no rhythm. I have lousy co-ordination too. I just have to accept I will never get that sexy latin vibe thing going on. But it is fun so I will keep it up.

I'm also considering body combat too.

Do you think they would mind if I duct taped a pillow to the saddle then...?

RiojaHaze Thu 09-Jan-14 22:57:00

My favourites are body max with weights and tabata which is high intensity, short bursts of exercise. Floors even the fittest of people!

CharlieAlphaKiloEcho Thu 09-Jan-14 23:02:05

I might give those a miss then Rioja - I am very far from being considered the fittest type!

RiojaHaze Thu 09-Jan-14 23:07:15

You'd be fine! Bodymax you can choose the weights to use and in tabata you do 20 seconds of the exercise of which my instructor gives a low and high impact option.

We have a lady with bad knees in our class who can't do jumping type exercises but still works the class to her advantage.

Have you looked at body combat or boxercise?

drowninginlaundry Thu 09-Jan-14 23:54:48

CrossFit. Changed my life. smile

KatoPotatoHoHo Fri 10-Jan-14 00:16:06

If you have poor coordination body combat is not for you! I hated it! Caught myself in the mirror going the wrong way looking like a pantomime pirate!!

Spin is amazing, your first class may feel like you're going to die but it's amazing and addictive but very much 'marmite' oh and you will have a sore fanny (not bum!) but this eases promise! Make sure you go early to learn how to set up your bike and have a chat with the instructor!

Bodypump is also brilliant, I love it and my lovely defined arms and shoulders and lifted bum! (Not a boast for my sake but it works!!)

Pilates is great to add to the mix as a strong core will help all your other classes.

Kettlercise is also great and I reduced by body fat percentage by 8%

goodasitgets Fri 10-Jan-14 02:30:05

I love spinning, it's a massive endorphin rush for me grin
Body pump is on my list to try but I'm a bit nervous blush about going to new classes on my own
Pole fitness is the other thing I do, which I absolutely adore. Does wonders for core and upper body strength

mammmamia Fri 10-Jan-14 09:41:46

Ooh interesting thread, I'm looking to try new classes too. I don't like the gym but I love trying new classes.

I do Zumba and pilates which I love. Also Body combat when I can get there as my gym doesn't have many of those classes.

Would like to try body pump and kettle bells.

Have recently noticed my calves really need toning, can anyone recommend the best class for this? I'm not keen on spinning.

spinningirl10 Fri 10-Jan-14 09:57:35

Love spinning, as the others said you will have a sore bum at first and I felt like I was dying half way through first class but it becomes addictive!

Body combat and body pump are also fab. Go easy on weights at first but you get great results!! grin

CharlieAlphaKiloEcho Fri 10-Jan-14 10:30:31

Lots of positive words for spinning then. My gym has a 15 minute first session to get you comfy on the bike and ready for the full class. I'm all booked up to try it next wednesday smile I will come back and shout at you if it's horrible!

Kato the first rule of any class is avoid the mirrors surely? I suspect I would also look like a pirate! For some reason in my head body combat has you standing in one spot quite a bit...... Is it a lot of pirate prancing moving around then?

Our gym has Hour Of Power (which is actually 45 minute and that annoys me no end) has anyone done this? Is it like pump? They pile in after my yoga class grabbing all sorts of weights and bands so it's scared me off a bit. May spy through the window next week...

KatoPotatoHoHo Fri 10-Jan-14 10:36:59

There was lots of side stepping to left and right whilst doing comedy 'uppercuts' and generally bouncing and bobbing and weaving. I was far too mortified at myself and never went back!

However I am a weirdo and don't like candles etc when I'm having a bath because I'd be too embarrassed for myself!

BodyPump is a winner. static poses that teach the principles of good form for if and when you move on to free weights.

45 minute 'hour of power' would infuriate me too! - and my DS, who asked nursery why they sing 'songs and stories everyday' in the nursery song each morning when they don't in fact get a story every day!

Spin is brilliant, esp if you get a good teacher with good music. Beware though and dont decide after your first session whether you like it or not, give yourself four or five sessions.

Pump is brilliant and if you want a bit of cardio, body combat and body attack are great as it Metafit.

I used to do a lot of classes but now just do a couple a week and gym with either weights or the trx strap the rest of the time, it has had far more effect on my body shape than endless classes.

Most importantly though, have fun and enjoy smile

Good I do loads of pole fitness too, it's my first love smile

Interestingly enough, calorie burning wise, spin is the slowest burner for me which surprised me, esp with all the hard work I put into it!

ilovepowerhoop Fri 10-Jan-14 14:10:17

I dont like spin - it makes you want to throw up and your bum aches for days afterwards!

I do Pump, Powerhoop and Zumba and will be trying a new Piloxing class when it starts here at the end of January

CharlieAlphaKiloEcho Fri 10-Jan-14 15:36:10

Is powerhoop hula hooping?

And what on earth is piloxing confused

I'm going to give spin 3 sessions to decide if I like it or not. If I'm honest, I'm not one to put up with too much pain. Classes work for me because I'm not brave enough to walk out half way through and look a failure. Usually by the end I'm fine but it takes the threat of shame to make me push through the wall grin

I'm hoping as I get fitter that will change though. I must admit that I am starting to feel more energetic after the classes and I felt great yesterday after Body balance.

I just think my default setting is Sloth!

jolyonwinter Fri 10-Jan-14 16:04:22

I have been thinking about trying a local 'boot camp' exercise class but haven't quite mustered the nerve yet. Starting off doing some running first as a friend who has done it tells me it could kill me - a bit harsh I thought as I'm not THAT unfit.

My wife rows and has been going to some intensive classes to develop greater core strength. She's campaigning for me to arrange some for some male friends and I. Again, I like the idea but think I'll do some running to build my fitness up first.

gindrinker Fri 10-Jan-14 16:09:47

Boxercise is good fun.
Boxing class with cardio exercises thrown in for good measure.
Its a friendly class as you have to buddy up and punch each other.

I'm another body pump lover. TRX/suspension is a whole world of pain too.

sweetheart Fri 10-Jan-14 16:15:54

I haven't tried spinning but I recently started a fitsteps class which I really enjoy - it's basically ballroom and latin dances, it's a bit like going to a strictly come dancing fitness class.

Rebounding was another fun one - an exercise class on a trampet!

Pilates is a nice relaxation on each week and I love a good boxercise class, smacking the shit out of something really releases tension grin

I'm going to give Barre pilates a go next - it incorporates ballet moves and is supposed to be great for body sculpting - last thing I tried that was really good at that was TRX

ilovepowerhoop Fri 10-Jan-14 16:36:03

powerhoop is hooping using a weighted hoop. I have my own 5lb hoop but classes tend to provide their own 3 or 4lb hoops.

piloxing is a mix of pilates and boxing moves

ilovepowerhoop Fri 10-Jan-14 16:38:05

RiojaHaze Fri 10-Jan-14 18:48:23

Ohhh I so want to try the TRX thing! Is it easy to do?

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