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Nike fuel band / fit bit or something else ?

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Moggy72 Sun 05-Jan-14 20:23:33

Hi all - am thinking of buying an activity band. Have heard of the nike fuel band and the fit bit. Anyone clued up on these ... Which is best? I would like one that monitors sleep too.

TheZeeTeam Sun 05-Jan-14 20:27:00

I owned the fuel band and the dog ate it. I now have a Fitbit. I don't think either are particularly accurate, but they are good for self motivation.

TheZeeTeam Sun 05-Jan-14 20:28:32

The nike fuel band didn't monitor sleep btw. Not sure if it does now.

TheZeeTeam Fri 10-Jan-14 02:10:58

I don't know if you're still interested, but 2 weeks later, the Fitbit has the worst battery ever, probably because it also records sleep. It also completely underestimates steps. The Fuelband was much more accurate. AND it goes into sleep mode too easily. I was putting up a shelf for a friend and, when I got home, realised it had been asleep for most of the day. SOOOOO annoying!

I much preferred the simplicity of the fuelband and am going to buy another tomorrow. I really like the Rose one

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