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January Shred Thread

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Nightwish Thu 02-Jan-14 08:35:32

I thought I had better start one seeing as no one else has.
Please add your updates, whether it is a New Year's Resolution to get fit or you have been here for the long haul!

I have just had two days off due to my lower abs being hugely painful, thing I must have pulled something the other day.
Hopefully back on it after the child goes to sleep.

Hope all is going well for the rest of you and you are all eager to go again when the kids are back at school. My poor DS1 starts back today!

TheLeastAccomplishedBennetGirl Thu 02-Jan-14 08:38:43

I'm starting again today, this will be my 4th time around

Have been running outside for past 3 months, but weather and no childcare until school starts back has put the dampers on that.

Good luck, shreddies!

ErrolTheDragon Thu 02-Jan-14 11:32:32

Hello! I'll be back next week, promise.

TheLeastAccomplishedBennetGirl Thu 02-Jan-14 11:36:55

Hi Errol, we'll come looking for you ;)

Just done L2 and really enjoyed that - a few more wobbles than I'd like, in places I didn't realise could tbh, but I'm sure I can sort that out

Nightwish, have you done this before?

Nightwish Thu 02-Jan-14 12:34:44

L2D4 done. Ab still hurts but was doable. Still not perfect on plank exercises but getting there.

Hey TheLeast, I started it a couple of years ago... but I only got halfway through L2, so now I am about to get past that. I will finish it this time, and then carry on to something else. Want to get rid of the baby weight before I start work again after mat leave.

Errol we will be waiting!

TheLeastAccomplishedBennetGirl Thu 02-Jan-14 12:53:44

How old is your baby? I couldn't even think about exercise for the first two years after having DD, so well done you!

This time I can do the plank moves. My arm strength has dropped slightly, so they ache now [grimace] but it's really worth the effort.

Are you shredding every day?

msmoss Thu 02-Jan-14 12:56:53

Hello! I'm four days in to L1, last time I did this I found out I was pregnant about 8 days in so had to stop.

I'm approaching this as an experiment, as I really want to know what will happen to my body if I actually manage to do this for 30 days. Yesterday, I weighed myself and took hip, waist and chest measurements and I plan to do this again after I finish each level. Do we want to share measurements or keep them to ourselves and just report results?

I won't be dieting but I also won't be eating crap snack food so hopefully I will manage to tone up a bit.

MrsCliveStanden Thu 02-Jan-14 13:06:34

Hi!! I'm starting the shred for the 2nd time on Monday, going to buy the proper weights this time too as bottles of wine weren't easy to hold...combining the shred with the harcombe diet, hoping to lose around 2 stone

Nightwish Thu 02-Jan-14 13:07:46

Welcome msmoss. I took measurements and weighed myself at the start but daren't do it again until the end. I stupidly got on the scales at the OH's grandparents yesterday and have put on 2oz which royally pissed me off. I think I may actually other to start watching what I eat too. My measurements are awful but I am happy to share if other people are.

TheLeast my DS2 is 4 and a half months. I did nothing after DS1 really who is now 4 so I needed to get my bottom into gear.
I never manage it every day, with the little one and being at university I fit it in when I can, minimum 4 times a week. I figure if I do it when I can it is better than nothing, if I told myself I had to do it everyday I would have been defeated by now and would rather just carry on slowly.

TheLeastAccomplishedBennetGirl Thu 02-Jan-14 13:08:11

I measured today too

Chest including norkage 43"
Ribcage 35"
Waist 35"
Hips 39"

I'm on the 5:2 plan and run too, so anything I lose (hopefully lots) won't be purely through using the DVD

Nightwish Thu 02-Jan-14 13:09:01

Welcome MrsClive, just missed you on my last post.
Weights are definitely much easier, first time I used two baked bean tins in a sock holding them together, it was awful.

ErrolTheDragon Thu 02-Jan-14 13:09:52

Mrs - excellent! I guess its up to individuals whether they want to share or not - from the outset or at the end of a level/whole thing.

WillColbert Thu 02-Jan-14 13:11:06

Thanks for starting the new thread. Marking my place for my start next week.

MrsCliveStanden Thu 02-Jan-14 13:11:41

Am also thinking if I buy the proper gear, weights, mat etc I'm less likely to give up, hoping so anyway smile

ErrolTheDragon Thu 02-Jan-14 13:13:35

Hello Mrs Clive. If you're getting weights, its worth considering getting a set with two or 3 different sizes, as some of the exercises involve more leverage than others. You want weights that allow you to do all (or most) of the reps with good form.

MrsCliveStanden Thu 02-Jan-14 13:17:11

Ahh ok will do, thanks for the tip Errol

PennySillin Thu 02-Jan-14 13:19:49

OK I'm in! Spent most of last year procrastinating, this year I need to actually do something. Going to be following a Slimming World like diet although not joining the class a. because I now work and it's tricky getting to a class and b. because I find them unbearable! With a bit of luck (and a lot of effort) a combination of shred and SW should shift some pounds. I would also like to start to c25K but don't want to do too much at once! I have 2.5 stones to lose. shock

TheLeastAccomplishedBennetGirl Thu 02-Jan-14 13:24:25

Good tip from Errol there

For instance in L3 you need to be able to grip weights while in plank position, so need space to get your fingers in

As for measurements being 'awful', forget what you don't like and concentrate on what you want to like.

I've not had any success while being motivated by hating myself, but I've taken a lot of good advice and vibes from those who have changed for the better, those people never talk about their failures, only their wins smile

officelady Thu 02-Jan-14 16:16:50

Count me in! Just done day 1, level 1 mostly at Anita's level
I'm having to rest my phone on the arm of the sofa to type this, my arms are shaking too much to hold it!
I will do my measurements in the next couple of days, I'm waiting for a body fat scales to arrive from Amazon so will be interested to see if my fat levels go down.
From Monday I'll be eating less chocolate sensibly and cutting down my nightly bottle glass of wine.
Hoping to be more toned and a better shape by the end of January. Hopefully this thread will help motivate us on the dark winter mornings!!

Rollermum Thu 02-Jan-14 17:05:38

Hello everyone!

I last did 30 Day Shred about 3/4 years ago when I was a lot fitter and lighter. Did L1D1 today. Wow, I've got a long way to go!

Had a baby 3 months ago and keen to get back to sports at some point. Have 62lbs to lose though only 20 of this is post baby. I'm also following Potatoes Not Prozac - years of yoyo dieting mean I'm very out if whack with food so don't want to do anything too crazy making.

Next stop - buy a sports bra! I wore two today but didn't cut it so did all the leaping with my hands over my giant breastfeeding bosoms!

PeppermintCream Thu 02-Jan-14 18:59:19

Hi. I've just done day 1, level 1. Hoping to lose 21 lbs, shredding and eating sensibly (sun-thurs)

ErrolTheDragon Thu 02-Jan-14 19:01:25

Hello all.

A sports bra is the most essential item of kit for most of us!

Rollermum Thu 02-Jan-14 19:13:25

Definitely! I've got several enells which I love despite the sexy uniboob look. But all too small. Bah.

Does anyone use Fitocracy? It's great but 30 day shred only gave me 15 points?! When entered exercises individually was 500. I must be missing something.

andagiraffeinapineappletree Thu 02-Jan-14 19:18:31

Hi all planning to start again on monday too! Hopefuly just one day off a week. I do a mix of the beginner and advanced but some exerices ( lying down and raising legs) I can't even quite do properly at beginner level! Planning to cut right back on gluten and sugary foods as this is the easiest way for me to be slim.

glenthebattleostrich Thu 02-Jan-14 19:18:54

I'm starting again on Monday, need to trim a couple of inches and this is the quickest way to do it. So just marking place for now:-)

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