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Starting out on c25k - New Year, new start [title meddled with by MNHQ]

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CeliaLytton Wed 01-Jan-14 21:18:43

For me, just starting? Anyone else?

tinypumpkin Wed 01-Jan-14 21:23:42


moominleigh94 Wed 01-Jan-14 21:24:55

Couch To 5k? I want to give it a go this year. Did a half marathon, got ill and it all just went. I want to get back to fitness!!

tinypumpkin Wed 01-Jan-14 21:26:30

Balls, my phone is playing up. Was trying to say that I stared yesterday. Really want to stick to it. Good luck Celia smile

tinypumpkin Wed 01-Jan-14 21:27:14

Argh, started, not stared.

SecretRed Wed 01-Jan-14 21:34:10

I'm gonna start on Sunday, I've tried before but have zero fitness and didn't give it my all. In determined this time as I want to do a 10k run in May

CeliaLytton Wed 01-Jan-14 21:40:23

Shall we have this as a support thread then? I did run1 week1 yesterday, having not done it since the summer, and even then just repeated week 1 three times blush

Today I went for a walk and will do w1r2 tomorrow. Full of good intentions at the moment but DH back to work Monday and am worrying that I won't want to go out in the evening after 7!

I use the get running app which interrupts my music to give me instructions, I like it (the app, hate the running but am hoping to catch the bug)

Maybe if I have a thread to report to I will stick with it!

SecretRed Wed 01-Jan-14 21:49:23

Sounds good, I eagerly await your report tomorrow! I'm starting Sunday as mad busy until then. I'm going to do it in the treadmill at the gym, hope I don't look too much of a fool but can't face anyone seeing me on the street.

tinypumpkin Wed 01-Jan-14 22:05:17

Sounds good, I am running tomorrow too. Week 1 here too.

CeliaLytton Thu 02-Jan-14 14:35:12

Going out in half an hour to do w1r2, a bit disappointed it's not pouring with rain as at least then there would be less people to witness me purple, panting and sweating!

Any ideas where to move this to so it doesn't keep disappearing off the end of chat! Is there an exercise bit on MN blush very telling that I don't know!

funchum8am Thu 02-Jan-14 14:38:24

Can I join? Starting tomorrow and also worried about going out after 7pm on week nights! I did wk1and 2 a while back but then got lazy hmm. Keen to get it right this time!

PeppaPigStinks Thu 02-Jan-14 14:42:40

Ooh can I join? I feel totally an utterly unattractive and have downloaded the app. I've got a nearly six month old who cluster feeds so not sure when I will fit it in!

Knowlee Thu 02-Jan-14 14:48:36

I'm going to be starting shortly. App downloaded just waiting for my new trainers to arrive

CeliaLytton Thu 02-Jan-14 19:51:58

Did w1r2 earlier, found it harder than the first one hmm

Still, going to keep at it. No endorphins here, but it's the only thing I can do that is free, local and any time of the day.

Hoping that this combined with less carbs will do the trick!

(Not doing any of the carb bootcamps as am not cutting out, just down and not processed)

Anyone else make it out today? And any thoughts about where this thread belongs grin ?

CeliaLytton Thu 02-Jan-14 20:53:54

Found the exercise topic, in health (who knew!) so am going to ask for it to be moved. There is one there already but looks like lots of people are well into it already so will carry this on if anyone is interested.

JulieJingleBellsMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 02-Jan-14 21:05:20


We're just moving this into exercise.

CeliaLytton Thu 02-Jan-14 21:06:45


PinkPeanuts Thu 02-Jan-14 21:24:06

I was thinking of starting this myself this weekend! I have an app for it on my phone and I've tried the first few sessions but then started to go to the gym so I didn't keep it up but I'd love the complete the whole programme successfully. Definitely need some new running trainers though, my current pair are old and worn out now.

StarlightMcKingsThree Thu 02-Jan-14 23:09:20

Grrrr, PLEASE tell me that the definition of couch potato is a size 10 regular netball player. I just tried first one and couldn't get through the second run though I walk 8 miles each day in term time.

sweetassugarhardasnails Fri 03-Jan-14 08:02:37

I'm going out tonight for week1 run 2 and I don't want to <pout> I ran Wednesday, shredded yesterday and feel like I've been hit by a bus today. And I'm not skinny/fit yet!!!

knitknack Fri 03-Jan-14 08:07:35

We've all started together - dh ds1 (12), ds2 (10) and I! Goodness knows how well fit it in come term time!

We've done it every day, which is probably baaaaaad, but the kids live it and have wanted to. We did 'week 1' four days running and are about todo our third day of 'week 2'. I can't tell you how lovely it is to have my family bouncing along with me!

knitknack Fri 03-Jan-14 08:09:32

'We'll' and 'love'!

CeliaLytton Fri 03-Jan-14 10:15:07

Starlight it is a bit scary if someone who is already reasonably fit can't do it, what hope have I?

I want instant results but last summer I did it without the rest days and buggered my knees so am doing alternate days and trying to get out for a long walk on the other days. I am soooo impatient which is why I give up on every health kick, because I don't lose 3 stone and look fab in one week blush

Knit, it's lovely that you are all doing it together. Do rest if you need to but you might be fitter than you think!

Peppa, secret, tiny, moomin, funchum, knowlee, still here?

funchum8am Fri 03-Jan-14 11:24:07

Yes and just back from my first run. grin Annoying that if I had carried on when I last started I would have finished by now but hey, I am back at it now! Feeling great!

I know the feeling about being impatient but if it comes off fast I put it back in quicker too, so trying to go for slow and steady but lasting results.

knitknack Fri 03-Jan-14 13:11:12

We did it in hail this morning! Apparently I am a 'mad grinning fool' (dh) but no one gave up and went home, even though I told them too - I think none of them wanted to be out done by mum!!

Does anyone have any tips for fitting it in around work?

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