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I am going to start couch to 5k again tomorrow

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travellingwilbury Sun 17-Nov-13 22:07:40

Would anyone like to keep me company ?

I got to wk 6 back in the summer but for various reasons of general laziness I didn't keep it up . Well I am giving it another go and this time I will make it to the end !

RubySlippers77 Sun 24-Nov-13 18:39:24

Hi everyone, can I join too? I'm in the same position as a lot of you - got better at running and lost weight, stopped running and piled on the pounds! I think my issue is also that running gives me the motivation to look after myself (eat healthily, take more care over my appearance etc) but can I be bothered on my own?!

I'm a gym runner in the winter as the only places near me to run are lonely, dark country tracks. Plus the gym has nice showers and mine at home is rubbish!

I don't do podcasts though so am looking for a nice easy chart I can follow instead, starting tomorrow (honest)...

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